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    Today's Top Stories

    Monday, September 29, 2014

      Oasis: the band that changed our lives – by Lars Ulrich and Felix White

    photo: Live4ever 

    The Metallica drummer and Maccabees guitarist remember coming across Oasis 20 years ago – and how it altered their perceptions of music

    In 1994 I was browsing through an issue of a magazine called Select, and there was a story about a band from England, with some unusual looking fellows, that I’d never heard of. I skimmed across the article, and was quite amused by the fact that every other word was either “fuck” or “cunt”. There was a pretty detailed description of a conversation between one of the guys in the band, Noel Gallagher, and Paul Weller, that was particularly off-colour and very, very funny. It reeked of attitude and not giving a fuck, which at the time – at the height of the shoegazing-I-can’t-handle-being-a-rockstar attitudes that were becoming mainstream – was very refreshing.

    A few weeks later I was driving in my car, listening to radio station Live 105 here in San Francisco, when a song came on unlike any I had ever heard before. The attitude, the aloofness, and the not-giving-a-fuck vibes were pouring out of the speakers, and by the time the first verse/bridge/chorus cycle was done, I was convinced that whatever I was listening to had to be that band that I had read about in Select a few weeks back. And sure enough I was right. It was Oasis and the Supersonic single. Thus began a long and very rewarding relationship with a sound, an approach and a way of looking at the world that has had a huge impact on me and helped shape who I am today … for whatever that’s worth.

    Lars Ulrich … ‘Oasis has been the soundtrack to my life for the last 20 years.’

    If you didn’t live in England at the time, it may be difficult to truly understand the cultural impact and significance Oasis had on all things English in the mid 90s. Wherever or whoever you were when it was going down, you felt it … in the streets, in the pubs, the music press, on the radio, in the gossip rags, the concert halls, and affecting everything from the way people dressed, the way they cut their hair, what football team they supported, the way people communicated, one’s accent … the list goes on and on. The Oasis phenomenon cut across all shapes, sizes, boundaries and classes. Everybody knew Oasis, and in some way were impacted by them. And if they didn’t love them, it was often the polarising opposite. But most importantly, nobody didn’t care. Everyone had an opinion. Everybody had a thought. Nobody ignored them. No one.

    Oasis has been the soundtrack to my life for the last 20 years on this wonderful planet. I have stories and pictures in my mind that go along with everything, from the first time I heard particular songs and read certain articles, to hearing about the band’s shenanigans and festivities. And fortunately, I have enjoyed my fair share of crossing paths and sharing space with the fellas over the years. But most of those stories are probably best left for a night of tall tales, half truths and vivid imaginations. However, I will say that doing the lights for them at a club show in the fall of ’94 at some God forsaken hole in the wall in Nowheresville, New Jersey, was a distinct highlight of my early encounters. They didn’t have a crew guy to run the light board, and I was the only one in the building that knew the songs …

    Go figure how things changed.

    Read more 

    via L4e / source

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      An evening with Noel Gallagher

    photo: Live4ever 

    Noel Gallagher has announced plans for an intimate live Q&A session to raise money for Global's Make Some Noise charity.

    The event, titled 'An Evening With Noel Gallagher' and arranged in partnership with Global radio station Xfm, will take place at the Hammersmith Club in London on November 3.

    Talking alongside Manic Street Preachers' bassist Nicky Wire, Creation Records founder Alan McGee and Shortlist Deputy Editor Hamish Macbain, the evening will comprise a 90-minute conversation delving into "Noel's life in music".

    Speaking about the evening, Gallagher stated "Having rarely stopped blowing my own trumpet since April '94, it'll come as no surprise I jumped at the chance to let the people catch me at it again, so to speak, while at the same time raising a few bob for the kids. It'll be a pleasure."

    The capacity for the event is limited to 120 people and tickets will be available from 8am on Wednesday, October 1. Priced between £40 and £100, tickets can be purchased from

    Global's Make Some Noise is a new national charity that brings together people from the music world to help disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

    Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher recently posted photos from the studio, showing him working on the follow up to 2011's 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds'. According to long-term associate Mark Coyle, the record is "in the spirit of 'Definitely Maybe', because it’s so obviously exciting."

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Monday, September 22, 2014

      Video: Noel Gallagher Interview from 1996

    A rarely seen interview with Noel Gallagher discussing the making of Oasis' '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?' has been released online – hear an exclusive clip from it below.

    The interview was originally broadcast on Australian variety show Hey Hey It's Saturday on March 16, 1996. It is being released to promote the deluxe boxset of '(What's The Story) Morning Glory', which will be released on September 29.

    via L4e / source:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Sunday, September 21, 2014

      Happy Birthday Liam Gallagher

    One of Rock N Roll's great front men turned 42 years young today. Live Forever Liam!

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Thursday, September 18, 2014

      What's the story with Johnny Marr's guitars, Noel?

    Ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has revealed he loaned Noel Gallagher two guitars when Oasis were starting out - and never got either back.

    The Ardwick-born musician gave his protégé the Les Paul he wrote the iconic Smiths song Panic on, only for it to get smashed up on stage not long after.

    The 50-year-old, who has also played with The The and Modest Mouse, then replaced it with the instrument he used while writing and recording The Queen Is Dead but never saw that again either.

    “I went to see a couple of their early shows and it was literally like 12 people and a dog and a few of their friends,” he said in a radio interview.

    “He asked me what I thought and I said to him: ‘Well, you’ve taken a long, long time in between songs tuning up, you’ve just got to get another guitar.’

    “And he said to me: ‘Well that’s alright for you, you’re Johnny Marr, and I’m on the dole and I’ve got this one guitar.’”

    Seeing the band’s potential, generous Johnny offered to lend him a guitar and went back to his studio to select one.

    “I thought: ‘I’ve got to give him something that’s pretty cool so I gave him a Les Paul that I wrote Panic on and did quite a bit of Smiths stuff on and he just fell in love with it,” he said.

    “He wrote a few songs on it straight away and he just kind of bonded with that guitar and it meant so much to him.”

    More Photos

    Noel carried on the guitar’s legacy of producing Manchester anthems by penning Live Forever on it.

    But shortly afterwards, Johnny got a ‘panicked phone call’ the morning after a rowdy Oasis gig in Newcastle.

    “There had been a stage invasion and some fight on stage and Noel had hit someone with the guitar,” he recalled in the BBC Radio 5 Live interview.

    “The guitar had been broken anyway and Noel was in a bit of a state about it.

    “I said: ‘Don’t worry about it man, these things happen.’ And he said: ‘No but I need another one.’”

    Having ‘set the bar’ with his first loan, Johnny then parted with the guitar he used on The Queen Is Dead, whose inside sleeve famously features Johnny and bandmates Morrissey, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce outside Salford Lads’ Club.

    He said: “I didn’t have the heart to take that off him so he’s still got that as well.”

    via L4e / source:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

      Gordon Smart: New High Flying Birds album is a masterpiece

    17 hours ago · T in the park, Balado, Kinross

    Just found this beauty tucked away in a box at home. First #Oasis gig I went to see. On that note, heard new #HighFlyingBirds album a couple of weeks back and it's a MASTERPIECE. Absolute peach of a record..

    via L4e

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

      Exclusive live version of 'Acquiesce', recorded at Earls Court 1995

    This live version of Acquiesce at Earls Court is available as part of the Deluxe Boxset, out 29th September.

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Monday, September 08, 2014

      Rare 'Some Might Say' demo

    This gem of a track was recorded by the band's sound engineer Mark Coyle at a soundcheck at Club Quattro in Tokyo almost exactly 20 years ago on 14 September 1994. It's thought this was the first time Noel Gallagher played this future Number 1 single to anyone

    This demo version 'Some Might Say' is available exclusively as part of the '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?' Deluxe Boxset.

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Sunday, September 07, 2014

      Oasis’ top selling songs

    As we celebrate 20 years since their debut album Definitely Maybe charted at Number 1, we count down Oasis’ top selling songs.

    As introductions to rock bands go, Definitely Maybe is certainly a strong one. 20 years ago, all the way back in 1994, Oasis’ bolshy debut album went straight in at Number 1 on the Official Albums Chart. The band are known for their mega-selling albums, with five of them selling over a million, Their second album, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory is one of the biggest selling albums of all time, shifting over four million copies.

    But what about the songs? Oasis weren’t exactly shy of a smash hit single either, with eight Official Singles Chart Number 1s to their name. So, we look back at that massive debut album, we count down the songs that made it happen. You can’t have an album without the tunes, after all…

    1: Wonderwall (1995)

    An unsurprising-yet-a-little-bit-surprising song leads the way when it comes to Oasis singles. Wonderwall, Noel Gallagher’s love letter to his then girlfriend, is the band’s top seller despite never reaching Number 1. According to legend, despite the song’s subject, Liam insisted on singing it – he obviously knew an anthem when he heard one. Trouble was, it was such an anthem that the band eventually got sick of having it sang back to them at concerts. If it’s any comfort to Oasis, it is one of the biggest selling songs of all time. Altogether now: “And all the roads we have to walk are wiiiiinding…”


    SALES: 1.2 million copies

    CHART FACT: Wonderwall sold over 140,000 copies in its first week on sale. It finally passed the million mark in 2009. It was stopped from getting to Number 1 by another million-seller, Robson & Jerome’s I Believe/Up On The Roof.

    2: Don’t Look Back In Anger (1996)

    The band’s second Number 1 was their first chart-topper to feature Noel on lead vocals. The chorus’s “So Sally can waaaaait” actually came about by accident. Noel was strumming away singing nothing in particular, when Liam asked him who Sally was, thinking he was singing “So Sally can wait”. Noel liked it so much it became the actual lyrics. And it was a good shout, Don’t Look Back In Anger was the fourth bestselling single of 1996.


    SALES: 900,000 copies

    CHART FACT: Don’t Look Back In Anger was the second chart-topper from Oasis’s second album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory. It replaced Babylon Zoo’s Spaceman, from the Levi commercial, at Number 1. Take That knocked it off a week later with their farewell single How Deep Is Your Love?

    3: D’You Know What I Mean (1997)

    Few albums have been more highly anticipated than Oasis’s third album Be Here Now. Its lead single D’You Know What I Mean was an eight-minute epic, with a blockbuster-type video and the band turned up to full-on swagger.


    SALES: 730,000 copies

    CHART FACT: Selling over 370,000 copies in its first week on sale, D’You Know What I Mean gave Oasis its first pair of consecutive Number 1s – they’d go on to score two more. D’You Know What I Mean was the fifth bestselling single of 1997.

    4: Whatever (1994)

    Another anthemic song, Whatever was something of an oddity among Oasis singles, as it didn’t feature on any studio album. Intended to bridge the gap between debut album Definitely Maybe and follow-up (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, Whatever saw the band go Top 3 for the very first time. It wasn’t until a greatest hits collection in 2009 that Whatever was finally included on an album and available digitally for the very first time – it even broke back into the Top 75 that very week.


    SALES: 540,000 copies

    CHART FACT: The first Oasis single to go Top 3 – every single they released after would chart no lower until Who Feels Love broke the run in April 2000.

    5: Roll With It (1995)

    t was the centrepiece of the infamous Blur vs Oasis chart battle and, even more infamously, it lost. Roll With It had to settle for second place behind their rivals’ Country House. The tension went beyond this race to be Number 1, with the bands generally being antagonistic with each other for years to come. The truce that nobody thought would ever happen did come along eventually, and Noel is now pals with Blur frontman Damon Albarn, who he’d previously called “condescending”. The squabbling pair bumped into each other in a nightclub in 2011 and put their troubles behind them – Noel even joined Damon and Blur guitarist Graham Coxon on stage in 2013 for a special performance of Blur’s hit Tender at a Teenage Cancer Trust benefit. In a total turn up for the books, Damon has now said he’d quite like to make music with Noel.


    SALES: 520,000 copies

    CHART FACT: The battle for Number 1 wasn’t as close as you might think – Blur romped to victory with Country House finishing almost 50,000 copies ahead.

    What’s happening in the rest of the Top 20?

    Just outside the Top 5, Some Might Say was the lead single from that eagerly awaited second album and gave Oasis their very first chart-topper, ending Take That’s month-long tenure at the top of the Official Singles Chart with Back For Good. Over 450,000 copies were sold, and Oasis’s stint at Number 1 was ended after just one week by a dance classic – Livin Joy’s Dreamer went straight in at the top.

    Live Forever was Oasis’s first ever Top 10 single, beginning a run of 22 consecutive Top 10 singles that lasted until 2008, and it makes the Top 10 for them again on their top sellers countdown – it’s at Number 9.

    The Top 10 is rounded off by classic singalong and the highest chart peak from Definitely Maybe: Cigarettes & Alcohol. No, it’s not your imaginayeeshaaaaaaaun.

    Despite reaching only Number 31 on the Official Singles Chart, the band’s debut single Supersonic makes it into the Official Oasis Top 20 – coming in at Number 14 with over 240,000 copies sold.

    Such is the power of Oasis that even a non-single makes an appearance. The classic album track that should’ve been a single, Champagne Supernova is Oasis’s 18th bestselling song, earning its place on downloads alone – over 200,000 of them, in fact. Bonus fact: Modfather Paul Weller provides some backing vocal and guitar assistance on Champagne Supernova.

    Just outside the Top 20, a couple of other album tracks rank pretty high. Half The World Away, used as the theme tune to BBC sitcom The Royle Family, is Oasis’s 24th top seller and She’s Electric, from (What's the Story) Morning Glory is right behind it at Number 25.

    The Official Top 20 Biggest Selling Oasis songs:

    07 STAND BY ME
    11 GO LET IT OUT
    19 LYLA

    Via L4E source:

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