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    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

      Noel at 40 ... and the Importance of being Oasis

    Imagine, in your mind, right now, just what 19 million CDs, stacked one on top of the other, in countless piles across a floor that rolls over a distant horizon, would look like. This is how many copies of (What’s The Story) Morning Glory that have been taken from shop shelve to home stereo. Blur may have won the famous singles battle of 1995, with their ‘Country House’ beating ‘Roll With It’ to the top spot (still a sticky subject with old Creation folk), but ultimately Oasis have proved to be the band of the people over the last 13 years. They are recognised by the Guinness Book Of World Records as the most successful band of the last decade.

    But just why have Oasis proved so enduringly popular? As their key songwriter, Noel Gallagher, turned 40 earlier this week, an entire nation of twenty-somethings sighed with the realisation that old age was encroaching; the recklessness and naivety of youth is sliding away. The heroes of teenage days and nights are turning the corner into and beyond middle age; the rock still rocks, granted, but just what are we rolling with these days, and why?

    Oasis were always designed with popularity in mind – never did the member-fluctuating five-piece claim obscure acts as influences, openly proclaiming their affection for The Beatles, The Kinks and The Rolling Stones. They came from where you and I did, weren’t glamorous nor artsy, and wrote songs that spoke to men and women to be, to the kids and teens of the Tories’ end-of-days. Fists aloft and grins wide, beers spilling and terrace chants. There were no lyrics printed in the sleeve of 1994’s debut album Definitely Maybe, but its songs were immediately embraced as sing-along affairs. ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’, ‘Supersonic’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ – these were songs – chooons if you must – that encapsulated an era; an era of bright futures but barely tolerable presents, rebellion and lies and the embracing of a political climate on the rise. Noel and Tony and Alan pressing palms at Number 10: everything seemed so perfect as the mid ‘90s trickled and dripped and France ‘98’ed into the almost-millennium.

    Just as Oasis were magpies on the prowl for what wasn’t theirs to adapt and exploit for musical gain, a rash of imitators followed in the band’s wake, and continue to do so even today. Liam Gallagher alone has been semi-responsible for the relative success of myriad cocky frontman-led acts – The Twang, Kasabian, The Verve, Hurricane #1, Terris, et cetera, these are (and were) acts dominated by a singer with forced attitude, lifted wholesale from Liam (don’t give me any Ian Brown bollocks – the man was a shadow of what Liam was at his peak). Of course, they paled in comparison to the man himself, though – the reason why Liam Gallagher continues to be admired and aped is because through his variously-rimmed lenses his eyes burn with a raging I mean it honesty. The man is, one suspects, too simple to not believe what he considers his truth, which is a simple and pure one. His brother may have originally written the words, but every syllable of ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ was finally forged in the fires of Liam’s belly. He got what he wanted because it’s all he ever believed in. He’s a rock ‘n’ roll star because of a determination that no imitators have accurately replicated.

    But, returning to the point of DiScussion: just why have Oasis proved so evergreen? Although their last long-player Don’t Believe The Truth exists in the commercial shadow of much that preceded its release, it’s still shifted around three million copies worldwide, if not more. The album was the band’s first to not be dominated by Noel, with songwriting duties split between members. The move essentially reinvigorated the band, and a succession of positive reviews followed. It was compared, oddly enough, to the Noel-helmed Definitely Maybe, and widely summarised as a return to form. But is it nostalgia that’s stroked the fires of Oasis appreciate once more, a homesickness of sorts for comforting surroundings and circumstances – the band is now in its sixteenth year, and is an act that many music-savvy individuals grew up on – or are they genuinely a force to be reckoned with today? The follow-up to Don’t Believe The Truth is out next year, and a Noel solo album’s in the pipeline – the next twelve months could, conceivably, well and truly make or completely and finally break a band that so many love to hate and far more hate admitting they love.

    Happy birthday then, Noel. Those 19 million albums you’ve sold – and that’s not counting five of your six albums! – have set you up for life, but it’s good to see you’re ploughing onwards and, hopefully, upwards; you still, I’m sure, mean it just as much as your kid brother. Sure, you did once say that you wished Damon Albarn would “catch AIDS and die”, but at least you took it back. Good man. You didn’t like Michael Hutchence (“Has-beens shouldn't be presenting awards to gonna-bes,” I believe were your words), but even you know it’s wrong to speak ill of the dead. And we applaud you for your reactions and retractions. Still.

    source : Drowned in Sound

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Tuesday, May 29, 2007

      Rock N Roll Great Noel Gallagher reaches 40

    HE’S hairy, got a monobrow and loves his missus — meet R Kid.

    No, it’s not NOEL GALLAGHER, it’s Jimmy the chimpanzee — a gift from his cheeky pals to mark his milestone 40th birthday.

    The OASIS star received a zoo’s certificate of sponsorship for Jimmy at his birthday bash at London’s cool Kitts on Saturday night.

    The Manc musician always joked that when he became famous he wanted a pink Rolls Royce, top hat, mirrored sunglasses and a pet monkey.

    And now he’s got the lot.

    Noel has grafted for the last 15 years to earn “legendary” status thanks to a back catalogue of timeless tunes.

    He has also rewritten the book on how to be a true rock ’n’ roll star.

    Here I’ve spoken to some of his pals. Their goodwill messages show what a top bloke he is . . . PAUL WELLER said: “Happy birthday Noel mate. Here’s to the next 40 years.” Italian football maestro ALESSANDRO DEL PIERO said: “Hey Noel how are you? So, finally, today you’re supposed to become sorta adult?

    “I’d like to wish you all the best and many many happy returns of the day, man.

    “You’re one of the most gifted artists in the world and a good supporter of myself and of the Italian national team too.

    “You know we’ll have plenty of great memories to share (remember Dortmund and Berlin?) when we turn 80. Take care, keep rockin’ and always keep the dream alive!”

    Another close pal is SERGE PIZZORNO from KASABIAN. He said: “Noel is one of the greatest songwriters of all time and a proper, genuine geezer.

    “He’s an inspiration to our generation both as a musician and man.”

    Former M PEOPLE star MIKE PICKERING is a regular at Man City games with Noel. Mike, who now works in A&R and signed THE GOSSIP, said: “I’m a decade older than Noel but I still look a lot better than him because I searched for the hero inside myself, and found it. Happy birthday mate.”

    Prince of Darkness OZZY OSBOURNE said: “Happy Birthday Noel. Oasis are the best band in the world.”

    Manchester City veteran MIKE SUMMERBEE said: “Apart from being a great musician, he is very sincere and a nice person. People just see that image he portrays in the band but he is a superb fella.

    “I am very privileged to have been in his company and be called a friend. I’d like to wish him a happy 40th.”

    TIM LOVEJOY presents one of the Gallagher brothers’ favourite TV shows, Soccer AM.

    He told me: “While most of the music industry are caught up in their bizarre promotion and PR circus, Noel is still true rock ’n’ roll.

    “He does and says what he wants and always entertains. That’s why, to use his favourite word, he’s colossal.”

    But it was This Is England star STEPHEN GRAHAM who paid Noel the ultimate compliment. He said: “Noel is a true living legend. He’s a massive inspiration — almost as good as KENNY DALGLISH.”

    source: The Sun

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Monday, May 28, 2007

      Noel Gallagher turns 40 years young

    Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher put his rock 'n' roll ways behind him as he celebrated his 40th birthday with family and friends in restrained, tasteful style at the upmarket Kitts nightclub in London's Sloane Square at the weekend. The birthday boy, whose Scottish partner Sara Macdonald is expecting their first child together, was joined by a host of musical legends, including The Jam's Paul Weller, Stereophonic's Kelly Jones and Artic Monkey Alex Turner, as well as comedian pal David Walliams.

    Noel and expectant mum Sara, who shimmered in fun glittery leggings, headed home in the early hours helped by club staff laden with presents received by the musician. There was one special gift that wasn't on the pile, however. His younger brother Liam - with whom he shares a famously turbulent relationship - has apparently gifted his sibling with his childhood dream - a trip into space.

    The Supernova star will have to wait until 2012 though to take up his seat on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipOne. Two decades ago Noel penned Do You Wanna Be A Spaceman while working for British Gas, and is now apparently over the moon that his dream is about to be realised.

    source: hellomagazine

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Oasis Documentary to screen at Glastonbury Festival

    Lucky Oasis fans at Glastonbury Festival will be amongst the first to have a chance to see the full-length (94 minute) version of the band's documentary tour film, "Lord Don't Slow Me Down", when it is screened at 2am on Sunday 24th June on the massive outdoor screen on the festival site.

    "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" was directed by renowned promo director Baillie Walsh, and compiled from a year's filming with the band on their mammoth "Don't Believe The Truth" world tour 2005/6. It follows one of the world's greatest rock 'n' roll bands behind the scenes and in front of the fans, across the globe. With unique access to the band throughout the tour, "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" is the ultimate Oasis documentary and a must see for fans.

    This will be one of the only opportunities this year to see the film prior to its release later this year on dvd, and the next best thing to having the band play live at the festival.

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Thursday, May 24, 2007


    Slow news day so here's a tabloid snippet.....

    FOOTBALL ace Wayne Rooney is facing a wonderbrawl with Oasis legend Noel Gallagher in the boxing ring.

    The sworn soccer enemies will each carry title belts for world champ Ricky Hatton when he fights in Las Vegas next month.

    Manchester United star Wayne, 21, and guitarist Noel, 39, are both massive fans of ring king Ricky, 28.

    They leapt at the chance to accompany him into the ring for his IBO light welterweight world title fight against Mexico’s Jose Luis Castillo on June 23.

    But rivalry could flare between United striker Wayne and Manchester City fan Noel.

    “We hope the main fight takes place inside the ring – and doesn’t involve Wayne or Noel,” said a boxing insider.

    “They are both passionate about their clubs and neither has a reputation for backing down. We’re relying on the fact they’ll put their football rivalry aside.

    “Ricky himself is a massive City fan but really appreciates the backing he gets from the United team.’’

    And Wayne can rely on the support of his team-mates Rio Ferdinand, 28, John O’Shea, 26, and Wes Brown, 27, who will be in the audience for the fight.

    source: Daily Star

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

      Doherty's teenage views of Oasis

    A video of troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY as a fresh-faced teen has appeared, showing the worrying changes in the musician's body.

    The clip, which was filmed by MTV at the height of OASIS's heyday, shows a young and clean cut Pete queuing to get hold of the latest album from the Manchester band.

    And the changes between then and now are quite apparent on the former LIBERTINES man, with the cheeky teenaged Pete lacking the drawn, dishevelled look he now adopts after his drug-fuelled antics.

    When asked in the interview what he thinks of Oasis, a well-spoken Pete tells the MTV presenter: "I subscribe to the Umberto Eco view that Noel Gallagher's a poet and Liam's a town crier and I've always seen that as a perfect combination."

    Umberto Eco was an Italian philosopher. The interviewer, clearly amused by Pete, asks him for one word to sum up the band. "Trousers" is the reply.

    However, the witty freshness of Pete contrasts sharply with today's image. One friend told the London Lite newspaper: "These photos are shocking. They don't just show the ravishes of time, they show how much Pete has abused his body over the past few years."


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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Saturday, May 19, 2007

      Noel confirms 'there is no solo album'

    Noel won't be releasing any solo material in the near future Oasis talisman and rock 'n' roll legend Noel Gallagher has confirmed that any talk of a solo album is false.

    His band posted a statement refuting any speculation soon after rumours circulated that the co-frontman was set to go it alone.

    But Gallagher saw fit to rubbish the speculation once again while making a guest appearance on the Sky Sports show Soccer AM.

    "I only mention it to get Liam [Gallagher, Noel's brother] going," Gallagher said to a question related to apparent admissions on his behalf that a solo record was in the pipeline.

    Noel then joked that should he ever turn solo, he would be working on a clothing range and a scent in double-quick time.

    The musician also noted that writing for Oasis' new album was well underway and that he had "written a couple of belters" for the new record.

    "My songs are amazing," Gallagher said, in a rather tongue-in-cheek reference to the other band member's tracks.

    The band's last album, Don't Believe the Truth, included a number of songs written by other members of the band, such as frontman Liam, guitarist Gem Archer and fellow band member Andy Bell.


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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Thursday, May 17, 2007

      Manchester City Stadium Concert on HDTV

    Show: Rave HD Concerts
    Episode: Oasis Live at Manchester City Stadium
    Network: (RAVE HD) RAVE HD
    Dates: Thursday - May 17,1/12c AM , Fri 5.18 2:00 PM
    Duration: 1:00

    RAVE HD is one of ten core high-definition channels on VOOM HD NETWORKS. The first and only high-definition music channel, RAVE HD features concerts and specials with unrivaled visual clarity and Dolby 5.1 sound. Performances on RAVE HD are truly immersive concert experiences, and exclusive RAVE HD series provide a front row seat to some of the biggest and hottest acts in music.

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Russell Brand declares his love for Noel

    Noel 'disgusted yet strangely intrigued

    Noel Gallagher has apparently spoken out after Russell Brand declared his love for him yesterday.

    The lanky lothario was pictured in a bikini and Hawaiian garland - complete will the words 'Noel, I Love You Too', written on his torso.

    The Oasis frontman declared he is a big fan of the long-haired presenter's Radio 2 show and Russ decided to return the compliment, according to The Sun.

    Noel said: "The boy's desperate cries for love are pathetic, yet strangely compelling.

    "I thought we had a strictly platonic relationship based on nothing more than our rapier-like wit and mutual lusting for my missus.

    "Seems all along he's just wanted to use me like one of his blow-up dolls. I'm disgusted yet strangely intrigued."

    Russell, 31 - currently in Hawaii filming the St Trinian's remake - said recently: "Now I've triumphed in the heterosexual division it's time to focus on the gay league.

    "Noel is the perfect scalp to get me started then I'll turn to Liam."


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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

      Noel's Options

    Nowaysis… we debate Noel's options.

    Noel Gallagher has rightly earned himself a reputation as an 'elder statesman of rock'. His role as the wise and witty leader of Oasis is as much a part of the rock and roll establishment as Keith Richard's resilience, Johnny Borell's arrogance and younger brother Liam's petulance.

    With an ability to write tunes that will hammer through your skull, perforate your soul and tattoo themselves on your heart, Noel is the driving force behind the band that helped define the 90s, and he has demonstrably proven throughout the course of Oasis' 13 years in the spotlight that he is the pivotal point of inspiration, not just for the music, but for everything. Their style, their sound, their ethos, the very core of all that binds them together, and that makes them carry on because he knows that in the end its all worthwhile.

    But in a recent interview with the NME the leader of one of the greatest bands to ever roar out of Manchester revealed that he may be preparing to embark on a solo career. The question is, should that eponymous chapter of the Brit pop book, the one where Oasis finally disband, ever really be written? And do the fans - and more pressingly Noel himself - even want it to be written?

    Definitely Maybe is considered by many to be one of the best, if not the greatest, debut albums of all time. When it was matched, and arguably bettered, in 1996 by second album (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, it seemed that the musical machine that was Oasis, with cigarettes and alcohol on their lips, whisky in their hands and fire in their guitars, was unstoppable.

    However, many fans were disappointed one year later with Be Here Now, the cocaine fuelled third offering from the boys from Burnage, laden with seemingly endless guitar solos and a far cry from the hype. Similarly, the fourth and fifth albums - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and Heathen Chemistry - did little to quell the general feeling of unease surrounding the creativity in the Gallagher camp. Thankfully, in 2005, with a new album cheesily titled Don't Believe the Truth, the band seemed to have found their feet again.

    Speaking to the NME in that interview, he said: "I've actually got a backlog of songs that are slowly building up. The thing about a solo record is the time to do one is between Oasis world tours because you'd have a good couple of years.

    "But it takes me so long to write the songs that eventually I run out of time (before Oasis begins again), but I've got a backlog now of about four or five songs which are probably too far in the past as far as the band in concerned, but which could work on my record... it's coming."

    But is it really? A statement on Oasis' official website, issued to put a halt to rumours of Noel's impending solo stardom, bluntly reads: "Noel Gallagher is not preparing to launch into a solo career.

    "Noel [and] Gem have had a great time performing their semi acoustic shows recently and will continue to do so when it feels like a good idea."

    Noel has steadily built up a strong reputation as a top notch solo performer. His recent outings at the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts were applauded by all corners of the music press, and rightly so. Warm and engaging, he held the audience in the palm of his hand and turned out classic hit after classic hit, many of which would never dare to surface on the set list of an Oasis gig.

    It could be very easy for Noel to follow the path taken by his friend and inspirational musician Paul Wellar, whose departure from the Jam and dalliance with the Style Council was anything but the best thing that ever happened to many of his fans. However, years later he crept back onto the scene as a solo artist and now the Modfather commands a level of reverence reserved for the musical elite.

    But the problem with Noel is, he is Oasis. His presence in the group provides the perfect juxtaposition for Liam, both on stage and on record. Watching Noel perform is clearly never going to be an unpleasant experience, but at the same time it's never going to get your adrenalin pumping and your spirit soaring like an evening spent with the complete line-up. His solo shows are a chance to air the songs that never normally get played live and undeniably that is an experience in itself which hopefully will continue as a superb side project. But you'd be hard pressed to find one Oasis fan who'd rather watch Noel sing Round Our Way than see Oasis sing Live Forever.

    Because even though their old songs that you've heard a million times before will always be there best, the Gallagher charm, with Liam's voice all Sex Pistol's swagger and Noel's guitar playing all Smith's-esque steadiness, which will always make them special. Their newer and decidedly lesser impressive songs will always be forgiven for a rousing rendition of Supersonic.

    So what of a Noel solo album? Well, it goes without saying that any record from the man responsible for some of the greatest tunes ever written, and with a perhaps unequalled adeptness for 'borrowing' from other artists, would be worth a listen or two.

    But Noel is no fool. He may have come a long way from the MTV unplugged show which he self-depreciatingly conceded as a performance where he "died on stage", but he'll never stray too far from the band that catapulted him onto the world's stage in the first place. With eight songs all ready under his belt for the next album, he will hopefully bring the band another step closer back to the greatness of the mad for it, supernova heights, Wonderwall era, even if he does fit in a semi-acoustic offering along the way.

    In the world's best B-side, the Masterplan, Noel asserts that "it's up to us to make the best of all the things that come our way". So, should Noel go solo? Definitely. Maybe.

    Laura Topp


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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

      Official Oasis DVD announced

    The official Oasis website needs your help:

    Did you go to any of the Manchester City Stadium shows in July 2005 ? Do you have any photos or mobile phone clips of your experience either of you and your mates enjoying the day or the band on stage? If so we would be very interested in seeing them for possible inclusion, in an up and coming fan gallery on a forthcoming official Oasis DVD release. You could also be in with a chance to win one of ten advance signed copies of the DVD!

    Email and attach the photos and or mobile phone clips you have (no more than 2 photos/clips per person - so pick your best ones!) Photos should be emailed as jpegs the highest resolution you have and mobile phone files should be less than 10 MB ! Please include in your email your contact details including address and daytime contact number. Photos and clips need to be emailed over by Friday 25th May 2007 for consideration.


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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Friday, May 11, 2007

      In this Week's Q Magazine


    Misunderstand masterwork or drug-addled folly? Whatever your opinion, the making of Be Here Now is an epic story of insanity and excess. Read our in-depth cover feature and learn the truth about the most bloated, cocaine-fueled guitar album of all time. Speaking of which...

    Guns! Crack! Gangrene! Nudity! Meat-slapping! The most outrageous in- the-studio tales ever told.

    source : Q magazine

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

      New Oasis Memorabilia For Sale

    The Oasis collector behind, Anders Larsen, has put a slection of his finest Oasis items from his personal collection up for display at There are quiet a few nice items,such as the crest used on the front cover of the Masterplan album, mirror and sofa used of front cover of Definitely Maybe, handwritten lyrics, and many special effects from the sleeve design process. The web site will be updated on a regularly, so make sure to bookmark it.

    Take a look here:
    Mr. Sifter Collection

    The Oasis web shop at has also been updated with many
    new items, reduced prices etc – many rare items like the Be Here Now
    promo watch, Vox Amp with outer cardboard box, acetates, new printer
    proofs, etc. Take a look at

    Finally has 18 new Oasis auctions at eBay. All
    starting at £0.99 : Oasis Auctions

    [ and are not affiliated.!]

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Noel Meets 'The Hitman' Hatton

    ONE is a big hitter, the other a maestro of big hits.

    So when boxer Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton and Oasis hitmaker Noel Gallagher met for the first time at the weekend, it was a match made in heaven.

    The pair - who share a passion for Manchester City - met this weekend when they were both asked to appear on Granada's Soccer Night to preview the big derby match against United.

    And, by all accounts, they got on like a house on fire.

    Football chat soon turned to fighting talk - and I hear that Ricky has invited Noel to his eagerly-awaited fight in Las Vegas next month against Mexico's Jose Luis Castillo.

    In return, Noel autographed Ricky's Manchester City guitar and promised to get his brother Liam Gallagher to sign it too.

    Ricky, of course, is a huge Oasis fan - and plays the band's music to gear him up for his fights.

    He met Noel's brother Liam in a chance encounter in the United States a couple of years ago.

    So meeting Noel was a dream come true for the Hyde boxer.


    Ricky's spokesman Paul Speak tells me: "Ricky is a lifelong Oasis fan.

    "He first met Liam Gallagher totally by accident when he was in New York two years ago. Ricky was returning home from watching a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Arturo Gatti in Atlantic City.

    "He stopped off in New York and went into an Irish bar in Manhattan, where Liam was celebrating following an Oasis concert.

    "And when Oasis played the City of Manchester Stadium a few years ago, Ricky was on holiday and missed the concert - so Liam dedicated a song to Ricky.

    "But Ricky had never met Noel, so when he heard that Noel was doing the Granada show with him he was over the blue moon.

    "Noel has told Ricky that he is going to try and get out to his fight against Jose Luis Castillo on June 23 at the Thomas and Mack centre in Vegas.

    "However, he did say it would depend on how his girlfriend Sara McDonald is, as she is expecting their first baby."

    Sadly, there wasn't quite the perfect conclusion to the weekend for the new pals.

    The derby match that brought the two together in Manchester saw the Reds edge out the Blues 1-0


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    Tuesday, May 08, 2007

      Noel Gallagher makes up with Scissor Sisters

    OASIS rocker NOEL GALLAGHER has ended his feud with SCISSOR SISTERS, after a friendly meeting with the band's frontwoman ANA MATRONIC. Matronic was unhappy when she heard Gallagher complain about the camp band's music, declaring it was "for squares".

    When Matronic saw the English rocker at a recent showbiz bash, she took the opportunity to be super nice to him. She says, "After I heard that, the next time I saw him I marched up to Noel, pinched him on the cheek and gave him a big hug. "If someone says an ill word about Scissor Sisters, my goal is to kill them with kindness. Noel called me a 'top bird'."

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    Friday, May 04, 2007

      Noel goes from bad to verse

    ROCK superstars from Oasis and Razorlight to 1980s favourites Duran Duran and ABC have topped a chart to find the worst verse in pop history.

    They may be responsible for some of the biggest selling hits ever but these and other top songwriters are also behind the most banal, odd, pretentious and plain silly lyrics of all time, a new poll shows.

    The eventual winner of the Worst Pop Lyrics ever will be chosen today from a shortlist of 10 which also includes rockers like Toto and Black Sabbath to cult hits from Snap, Des'ree and Human League.

    Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher is to blame for "Slowly walking down the hall/Faster than a cannonball/Where were you when we were getting high?"

    Sometimes the lyrics seem to be a desperate search to find words that rhyme such as Toto, looking for a way to describe Africa's most famous mountain, Kilimanjaro, hit upon "like Olympus above the Serengeti."

    Listeners to the music radio station BBC 6 have seen the original nominations whittled down to 10 by resident DJs including Tom Robinson - whose own hits include the song Wish I had a Grey Cortina.

    1 ABC - That Was Then But This Is Now

    2 Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer

    3 Human League - The Lebanon

    4 Razorlight - Somewhere Else

    5 Duran Duran - Is There Something I Should Know?

    6 Oasis - Champagne Supernova

    7 Des'ree - Life

    8 Black Sabbath - War Pigs

    9 Toto - Africa

    10 U2 - Elevation


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    Thursday, May 03, 2007

      Nirvana lyrics inspired Noel's Live Forever Song

    Noel Gallagher Wrote Hit Song As A Backlash To Nirvana....

    Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher wrote uplifting hit song Live Forever after he became depressed listening to US band Nirvana.

    Gallagher admits he wrote the track in the mid 90s after he heard a particularly downbeat Nirvana song.

    He reveals, "It was written in the middle of the grunge and all that and I remember Nirvana had a tune called I Hate Myself And I Want To Die and I was like 'Well, I'm not having that.' "I can't have people like that coming over here, on smack, saying that they hate themselves and they wanna die. That's just rubbish."

    Live Forever was recently voted as the Greatest Indie Anthem of all time by British music magazine Nme.


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      Oasis Song voted greatest Indie Anthem

    Oasis have topped a poll of the greatest indie anthems ever with their classic song Live Forever taken from their debut album Definitely Maybe.

    The Noel Gallagher-penned tune has long been a staple in the band's live sets and indie clubs throughout the world.

    Nirvana came in second place with their smash hit track Smells Like Teen Spirit, which curiously re-entered the UK charts this week.

    The rest of the top five included Pulp's trademark hit Common People, the Smiths' There Is a Light That Never Goes Out and the Libertines' single Don't Look Back Into The Sun.

    Both Morrissey and Pete Doherty can feel content after achieving two hits each in the top ten. The Libertines' Time For Heroes was in sixth place while The Smiths' track How Soon Is Now? came in at number seven.

    Strokes were in at number nine with their early single Last Nite and Arctic Monkeys completed the top ten with their second single I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor.

    By far the most popular bands in the list, which was complied by NME and Xfm, were Oasis, the Smiths, the Libertines and the Stone Roses.

    There were also entries for Joy Division, Babyshambles, Arcade Fire, Manic Street Preachers, Killers and Blur.

    Another legendary band who entered the top 50 were Pixies for their song Monkey Gone to Heaven from the album Doolittle.


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