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    Today's Top Stories

    Monday, March 31, 2003

      Liam's Jailhouse Rock

    LIAM’S run-in with the German police has clearly not put him off partying.

    As my exclusive pictures show, he looked wide-eyed and legless as he left a showbiz bash having knocked back more than just a few lagers.

    On seeing photographers waiting outside, he stumbled towards them – but lost his footing and ended up flat on his face.

    Liam was clearly pretty embarrassed because he got up and scurried away into a pal’s house to carry on the party.

    Liam, wearing a CND T-shirt, managed to cushion his landing.

    Lucky that, because otherwise it could have meant a trip of another kind – back to the dentist.

    Pictures: IKON

    LIAM GALLAGHER has written a song about being banged up in jail.
    The wildman rocker wants the track — called They Ain’t Got Nothing On Me, They Ain’t Got Nothing On You — on the next OASIS album. One line says: “I’m out on bail/ I’m out of jail/ Hear my song, sing along.” It is only the fifth tune Liam has written and was inspired by his spell behind bars in Munich in December. He, drummer ALAN WHITE and three members of the band’s crew were arrested after a vicious punch-up at the Bayerischer Hof hotel with local gangsters. Liam lost two front teeth. The Oasis lads were thrown behind bars and charged with assault-related offences.

    But it seems Liam put his time in a police cell to good use by putting pen to paper. Liam played a CD of his song to THE WHO’s ROGER DALTREY backstage at one of last week’s Teenage Cancer Trust gigs at London’s Royal Albert Hall. He later bumped into the ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION, who were also on the bill, and did an impromptu performance of the track. Liam said: “I’m really pleased with it but it’s not finished.” Of his arrest, he would only say: “They broke my ****ing teeth.” Liam needed £2,000 of treatment to replace his gnashers.

    They Aint Got Nothing On Me might boast how he escaped prosecution but Liam did not get away scot-free — he was only released from a cell after coughing up £180,000 police bail. The last song Liam wrote, Songbird, got to No3 last month. His other tracks — Born On A Different Cloud and Better Man — are on the album Heathen Chemistry.He also wrote a song called Little James, dedicated to ex-wife PATSY KENSIT’s son by SIMPLE MINDS singer JIM KERR, for Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants. Its lyrics include: “You live for your toys, even though they make noise/ Have you ever played with Plasticine?/ Or even tried a trampoline?”

    source: The Sun


    LIAM GALLAGHER has written a song inspired by his brief spell behind bars - and is confident of it turning up on the next OASIS album!

    The singer previewed the track – given the working title of ’They Ain't Got Nothing On Me, They Ain't Got Nothing On You’ - to The Who singer Roger Daltrey backstage at one of last week's Teenage Cancer Trust gigs. He told The Sun (March 31): "I'm really pleased with it but it's not finished."

    The lyric boasts: "I'm out on bail/ I'm out of jail/ Hear my song, sing along." Liam was arrested and imprisoned alongside three members of the band's crew following a punch-up at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel, Munich, last December. He was only released after paying an estimated £180,000 police bail. Liam lost his two front teeth in the incident and required £2,000 of dental treatment.

    source: NME.COM

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Saturday, March 29, 2003

      British Superstar Band

    Here's the supergroup that played the Cancer Trust gig on Wednesday.

    Led by THE WHO frontman ROGER DALTREY, it boasted three generations of musicians – PAUL WELLER, OASIS stars LIAM and NOEL GALLAGHER and GEM ARCHER and the STEREOPHONICS’ KELLY JONES, plus some unknown bloke who did a competent job on the maracas.
    The superstar band performed an acoustic set of songs as a warm up to main act RICHARD ASHCROFT, pictured below with Daltrey – who had the hit My Generation with The Who in 1965.

    Superstar duo ... Richard Ashcroft and Roger Daltrey

    Their gig included the tracks Talk Tonight, Songbird, Magic Bus, The Kids Are Alright, Traffic and Shadow Of The Sun.

    source: The Sun

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Friday, March 28, 2003

      Liam's 'Cold War'

    LIAM GALLAGHER has declared war on COLDPLAY’s CHRIS MARTIN, labelling him a “nobhead student”.

    The outspoken OASIS frontman blasted Chris for his anti-war views and labelled his girlfriend GWYNETH PALTROW a “gawky bird”. Liam stunned guests in the backstage bar after he performed at a gig to raise cash for the Teenage Cancer Trust on Wednesday night. The outburst will surprise Chris. Oasis and Coldplay are often at each others’ gigs and each talks the other band up in interviews. But in his rant Liam said: “When Coldplay did this gig they banged on about the war, that’s wrong.

    “Chris Martin shouldn’t be using this cause to bang on about his own f***in’ views on the war. “If him and his gawky bird want to go banging on about the war they can do it at their own gigs. “That lot are just a bunch of nobhead students — Chris Martin looks like a f***in’ geography teacher. What’s all that f***in’ s*** with writing messages about Free Trade on his hand when he’s playing. If he wants to write things down I’ll give him a f***in’ pen and a pad of paper. Bunch of students. “These gigs are about kids who have got cancer, they’ve got to fight a war every day of their lives. That’s what we’re all here doing this for.”

    Coldplay opened the week of charity gigs on Monday with a 90-minute set. During Everything’s Not Lost he urged the crowd: “Don’t be afraid to sing along, sing to end this war.” He also changed the lyrics of A Rush Of Blood To The Head to “I’m going to buy a gun and start a meaningless war.” Chris also wound Liam up by playing a section of Songbird, which Liam wrote for fiancée NICOLE APPLETON. Chris said: “It’s the best song ever written. ” But Liam fumed: “That p***ed me right off. He’s got my song involved in the war.”

    Other acts playing at London’s Royal Albert Hall through the week include ERIC CLAPTON, SUPERGRASS, DOVES and MADNESS.

    source: THE SUN

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Thursday, March 27, 2003

      Liam joins Noel at Cancer Trust Concert

    LIAM GALLAGHER invaded the stage at the ROYAL ALBERT HALL last night (March 26) to front a supergroup containing brother NOEL, PAUL WELLER and STEREOPHONICS frontman KELLY JONES.

    Liam made the impromptu two-minute appearance at the Richard Ashcroft-headlined Teenage Cancer Trust concert. He worked through a performance of the self-penned 'Songbird' before being cheered off stage by chanting fans. He even had time to help out Ashcroft during a piano rendition of 'C'mon People (We're Making It Now)', holding a microphone for the former Verve man.

    Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller and The Who frontman and show organiser Roger Daltrey kicked the night off with their supergroup Trust, performing Oasis B-side 'Talk Tonight', The Who classic 'Magic Bus' and The Jam's 'Butterfly Collector'.

    Stereophonics' Kelly Jones then arrived on stage to perform 'Step On My Old Size Nines' and 'Traffic'.

    Ashcroft then rounded the night off with a two-hour 17-song set, opening with 'Sonnet', and playing an solo acoustic version of 'The Drugs Don't Work'.

    The star finished the night by performing an incendiary 10-minute version of 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'.

    source: NME.COM

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Tuesday, March 25, 2003

      Noel to take a break

    translation by

    The Oasis chief wants to take a break after the completion of the German tour . The 'Oasis machine' won't be running for that much longer anyhow...."Making music is really hard work. You work on an album for a year and then your on tour for another year. Those are two years out of your life that just fly past you. If I ask myself now wether I want to work for two years or rather do nothing for two years I would rather do nothing and relax. I've actually always had problems writing songs. I don't just pull them out of my sleeves. That we have existed for over 10 years shocks me sometimes. I am 35 now, and one thing is clear: I won't be standing on stage at age 40. I'd like
    to leave on a positive note .

    Original Article :

    Nach Abschluss ihrer Deutschland-Tournee will der Oasis-Chef erstmal eine Auszeit nehmen. All zu lange soll die Oasis-Kiste ohnehin nicht mehr laufen ... "Musik machen ist wirklich harte Arbeit. Man macht ein Jahr lang ein Album, und dann ist man noch ein Jahr lang auf Tour. Das sind zwei Jahre deines Lebens, die einfach vorbei sind. Wenn ich mich jetzt selber vor die Wahl stelle, ob ich noch mal zwei Jahre arbeite, oder einfach mal zwei Jahre nichts mache, dann mach ich lieber nichts und ruhe mich aus. Ich hatte eigentlich schon immer Probleme mit dem Lieder schreiben. Das ist mir nie einfach so von der Hand gegangen. Dass es uns schon über zehn Jahre gibt, erschreckt mich manchmal. Ich bin jetzt 35, und eines ist klar: Mit 40 steh ich nicht mehr auf der Bühne. Dann will ich einen würdigen Abgang machen."

    posted on

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Saturday, March 22, 2003

      Gareth the new Liam ?

    ONE was the bad boy of Britpop, famed for drinking, fighting and giving photographers two fingers.

    The other was the squeaky-clean Pop Idol runner-up with a stammer who never guzzled anything stronger than a lemonade. But alas, it is my duty to inform you LIAM GALLAGHER and GARETH GATES are turning into each other .... Pals of once-virginal Gazza say he has turned into a heavy-drinking wildman who parties hard — and is becoming a major swordsman. Meanwhile, drinking mates of Liam say he too is going off the rails. Just this week he was spotted eyeing up garden furniture at the Ideal Home Exhibition in London’s Earls Court.

    Wildman ... Gareth parties till dawn

    Mad for it? More like sad for it.

    There was a time not long ago when Liam wouldn’t be seen dead within a million miles of the middle-aged exhibition. Yet this week he had a spring in his step as he checked out the latest soft furnishings. But his boozing baton has been picked up by unlikely lad Gareth. This week alone he’s been spotted staggering out of a trendy club in London walking like a monkey and shouting: “M-m-m-m-m-m-m-mad for it.” (Okay, I made that last bit up). He was seen propping up the bar at Browns where Liam spent so many wild nights in the mid-90s.

    Family man ... Liam's at Ideal Home show

    Gareth has even been wearing a white parka like Liam’s, staying out until the early hours and, sharp intake of breath, swearing. Just over a year ago Gareth would have spent Sunday morning in church belting out hymns, not lying in bed with a hangover. Pals of both stars are concerned. An old friend of Liam’s told me last night: “This is serious. He was boasting how he was really excited about going to the Ideal Home Exhibition. “He said he wanted to check out nameplates for his house, garden furniture and possibly some loft insulation.

    Liam ... new house sign?

    “He enjoys staying in at the weekend now and in the afternoon he puts on the kettle and settles down to Countdown. It’s quite worrying.” Meanwhile a friend of Gareth’s from his hometown of Bradford told me: “Gareth has been drinking a lot since his album launched in October. “He started going out during the week because he was bored — away from home and at a loose end. He’s learned how to put a lot of booze away.”This is the house sign I reckon Liam was having a look at...

    source : THE SUN

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Friday, March 21, 2003

      Noel Audio Interview with Bravo

    Listen to Noel's interview with German Teen Magazine Bravo !
    "Still the best band in the world ", Munich's Bar brawl and much more !

    Real Audio Interview


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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Munich Police seek witness of Oasis Bar Brawl

    The police in Bayern are looking for witnesses who left the scene of Oasis' Bar Brawl last January at the upscale hotel bar. Police think that a man named Martin, pictured below as he left the bar as police arrived, could give them important information on how the fight started and exactly who's fault it was . ( I have a hint :) )

    source: Bayern Police

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Thursday, March 20, 2003

      4 Million gets you....Noel's Old Pad


    TELLY comic David Baddiel wants to buy Noel Gallagher’s old house Supernova Heights.
    He and wife Morwenna Banks looked round the £4million pad yesterday — and they loved it.
    Its current owner — TV beauty Davinia Taylor — is delighted as David is her favourite funnyman.

    Ex-Hollyoaks star Davinia is selling up to move to Manchester with her fiancé Dave Gardner — David Beckham’s best mate.The four-bed mansion became notorious for wild parties after Oasis star Noel bought it in 1996.
    Noel, who named the house after his hit song Champagne Supernova, shared it with ex-wife Meg Mathews. Stars including Liz Hurley, Kate Moss, Anna Friel and Jude Law would often pop in and out at all hours. Noel said at the time: “I can look back on Supernova and say it was a good time. But I made some fundamental mistakes in my life — letting my house turn into a nightclub.”
    The home is in the heart of ultra-trendy Steeles Village in London’s Belsize Park. It is seen by celebs as THE place to live.David, 38 — star of ITV1’s Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned — and writer Morwenna live nearby.

    An early recording of three songs by Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is being auctioned on the internet for £47,000.

    source: The Sun

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Wednesday, March 19, 2003

      48 000 Pounds for Oasis demo ?

    An extravagantly priced Oasis demo, reportedly recorded pre-Noel Gallagher, has failed to attract a buyer on ebay.

    The tape, which the seller claims was a thankyou from the band for allowing them to rehearse in his Manchester club, was listed with a starting price of almost £48,000.

    However, no initial bids were placed for the tape, which is thought to have been recorded in 1993, probably when Oasis were known as Rain.

    The demo is said to feature three songs, all written by Liam Gallagher and former guitarist Bonehead, named 'Alice', 'Take Me', and 'Reminisce' (sic), and is listed as "one of only very, VERY few in existence!"

    The auction was described on the site as a "once in a lifetime opportunity!" But it seems the tape will not be changing hands, unless the owner drops the asking price.

    source: dotmusic

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Tuesday, March 18, 2003

      Munich Concert Photos

    Munich 2003 Concert photos courtesy of

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Oasis Live from Manchester ?

    OASIS are to headline a concert at Manchester City’s Maine Road stadium on the last day of the season to say goodbye to the ground before it is bulldozed.

    Blues fans NOEL and LIAM GALLAGHER will play their greatest hits on May 11, after City have taken on Southampton.

    The 45-minute set will include a version of the fans’ anthem Blue Moon.

    The bill also includes fellow City fans DOVES, JOHNNY MARR, THE CULT guitarist BILLY DUFFY and dance act 808 STATE.

    Guests are expected to include Coronation Street’s KEVIN KENNEDY (Curly Watts), SALLY LINDSAY (Shelley Unwin) and BRUCE JONES (Les Battersby).

    Two giant screens will show classic Maine Road moments, including matches and gigs by the ROLLING STONES and PINK FLOYD.

    Man City are moving to the City Of Manchester Stadium, which hosted last year’s Commonwealth Games, after 80 years at their present home. Oasis last played there in 1996.

    A City source said: “The club wanted to thank all their fans."

    ON January 20, I wrote that Oasis had paid £25,000 to Paul Ashbee, who claimed he had been injured by the band’s security after being thrown out of Oasis’ Lancashire Cricket Club gig.

    Noel and Liam have asked me to point out that they haven’t paid him any money — to settle this claim or any other. I apologise for the mistake.

    source: The Sun

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Noel added to Richard Ashcroft Concert lineup

    Richard Ashcroft is no stranger to the Royal Albert Hall and the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts, he supported Oasis during the week last year. This year he headlines the third concert of the week.

    Initially famed for being one quarter of The Verve Ashcroft has now carved out a solo career for himself. The Verve formed in 1990 and enjoyed eight years of success before splitting up in April 1998. They released three albums including the classics 'Northern Soul' and 'Urban Hymns' which included the defining song of the Summer of 1997 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' and 'The Drugs Don't Work', both penned by Ashcroft.

    He now enjoys solo success which began with the Number 3 single 'A Song for the Lovers' and has included two Top 5 albums to date.

    He will be joined by very special guests Paul Weller, Roger Daltrey and Noel Gallagher.

    Tix are still available for this March 26th Concert. Visit the main site below.
    Presented by: Teenage Cancer Trust

    source : Royal Albert Hall

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      New Rock Magazine 'Bang' shuns Oasis , Coldplay and co.

    Between rock and a hard place

    Is there room in the market for yet another rock magazine? Yes, say Crispin Parry and Danny Ford. They tell John Plunkett what their new launch Bang will have that the other titles don't

    The launch, from Future Publishing, is aimed squarely at the advertisers' holy grail of 16-to-24-year-old men who are "obsessive about the ugly thrill of great new music".
    The first, 140-page issue features The Flaming Lips on the cover, a guide to New York by The Strokes, and a "dead fashion" feature about Jeff Buckley. The tone is set by the opening six pages, which carry a picture-led feature, "On the Road", which in the debut edition features The Warlocks. Who? Precisely.

    The bulk of the magazine will be devoted to up-and-coming bands such as Ladytron, British Sea Power and The Darkness, rather than established acts such as Coldplay. What about Oasis? Parry shudders at the thought. Features are supplemented by 15 pages of news and about 20 of reviews, with a full page dedicated to the lead review.

    For full article visit:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Monday, March 17, 2003

      UK chart positions

    Songbird continued it's dive on the UK singles charts dropping 11 spots from # 33 to #44 this week.

    'Heathen Chemistry', on the album charts for 37 weeks now, slips another 12 spots to #54 .


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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Saturday, March 15, 2003

      The Very Best in Rock History


    OASIS - DEFINITELY MAYBE (1995): It may not be my favourite album, and it certainly isn't the best rock record of all time, but Definitely Maybe is an important benchmark in British music.

    Oasis' main songwriter Noel Gallagher almost single-handedly set in motion the Britpop wave of the early '90s with the well-crafted, if completely unsubtle, melodies found on this record.

    Rock 'n' Roll Star, Up in the Sky and Cigarettes & Alcohol are raw, bombastic bursts of straight-ahead guitar riffs and positive vibes that came at a time when music fans were tiring of the angst-ridden, self-loathing Nirvana and Pearl Jam clones who clogged the airwaves during the first half of the '90s.

    As arrogant as he was at the time, singer Liam Gallagher belted out soaring epics such as Live Forever and Slide Away with earnest conviction, saving his venomous whine for my favourite track, the swaggeringly brilliant Supersonic.

    The Manchester band may have polished its sound and had its biggest hits since this debut, but nothing can match the youthful, uncomplicated energy of this flawed masterpiece.

    -- Lisa Wilton

    Other albums chosen by staff members of the Canadian newspaper were :


    source: Calgary Sun

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Friday, March 14, 2003

      Gay Chemistry ......?

    OASIS have been invited to cosy up to their huge gay following by playing at London club G.A.Y – on condition they belt out a camp anthem. Promoter JEREMY JOSEPH said: “We hear they’re interested.” I suggest they tackle GLORIA GAYNOR’S I Will Survive in honour of Liam’s ruck with the Italian mobsters who knocked out his teeth ... “First I was afra-iiiiid, I was petrif-iiiiiied.’’

    source : The Sun

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Thursday, March 13, 2003

      Noel Gallagher talks to DW-World Germany

    Back after a hotel brawl forced them to cancel dates last December, British band Oasis rolled into Germany for a string of gigs this week. Noel Gallagher talks to DW-WORLD about music and 'stupid little boys in bars.'

    After an incident in a Munich hotel in December left singer Liam Gallagher in police custody and missing his front teeth, British rock band Oasis cancelled the remainder of their German tour dates amidst familiar controversy.

    On Saturday, Oasis finally resumed the German leg of its tour, and the band's main creative force and lead guitarist, Noel Gallagher, took time out from a sound check at Munich's Zenith venue to talk to DW-WORLD about Germany, the tour and the now infamous hotel brawl.

    The crowd at your last concert in Düsseldorf was extremely enthusiastic. How do audiences in Germany compare to others around the world?

    Well, I never compare them because they’re all different -- the Australians, the Swiss, the miserable Dutch -- but that was a particularly lively German crowd, I must say. These aren’t small gigs we’re playing here. There’s this idea that we’re big in Britain and nowhere else.

    This is not the first time a band has had to reschedule a concert, but in your own experience, when it happens, do you feel you owe the fans more when you come back?

    No. This is rock 'n' roll, not a charity handout. I don’t care who you are, why you’re here, what you expect. If you buy the ticket then you’re going to get the show we put on. And if you don’t like it, you know what you can do.

    The last time you were in Munich, the international press had a field day over the hotel incident. Why do you think the press continue to focus on the negative things that happen around the band?

    You mean the stuff that happens around Liam? It’s all about alcohol and stupid little boys in bars -- and it sells papers. The press say they love to hate us, but in reality they love to love us. The sad thing is that when they look back over 2002, what they will remember Oasis for is not the fact that we sold over 3 million records last year or that I nearly died in a car crash, they’ll remember Liam getting his teeth smashed in.

    In an interview you gave last September, you made several references to wanting to distance yourself from the bad boy image. Does it frustrate you when Liam or the others get themselves into situations that reinforce that image?

    Yeah, it does. You can’t keep that up at 35. I see myself having another five years in the band and then I’ll do something else. I think it’s sad when you’re 40 and you’re still pretending to be a gang. I won’t be doing this when I’m 41. Only the Rolling Stones are doing it and they haven’t done anything good since 1971. I can’t see myself doing that. As for Liam in spandex, leaping around like Mick Jagger, I think he really is sad enough to still be doing that when he’s middle-aged.

    Let’s get onto the music. What’s next for Oasis?

    Don’t expect too much. There’ll be another album, but I don’t know when. After this tour, I’m going to go home and have a normal life. These shows we’re doing now should have been done in the summer. We’ve rescheduled these dates twice now and to tell you the truth, I need a break from the band and a break from music. We should have finished in Melbourne but what with one thing or another we had to come back. So I’m up for a rest. The others will probably go back in the studio, they don’t need me around anymore to do that.

    Live on stage, Oasis look and sound leaner and fitter. The latest line up seems to be going from strength to strength.

    Someone just told me that we’ve been together since 1999, two more years and it’ll be longer than the original lineup. The thing is that we’re all very talented musicians. We all know we can do it and that makes a difference. With Gem (Archer) and Andy (Bell) on board, we’re all very good at what we do. I’m no Jimi Hendrix, but I know that I could play guitar in any band in the world. And that comes across when we play live.

    Nick Amies

    source : Deutsche Welle ( thanks CNS)

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Wednesday, March 12, 2003

      Noel Gallagher says protests 'pointless'

    Contrary to an article published by MTV (see March 11th )

    Noel Gallagher won't be joining fellow musicians in anti-war protests.

    He has described them as a "bloody waste of time".

    Gallagher said he may not agree with the war but the Labour government is tied to the US and so protests are pointless.

    He told Der Tagesspiegel in Berlin: "Protests are a bloody waste of time, the war will go ahead anyway.

    "Whenever there is a conservative, bible waving half-wit ruling in the White House - whether it's Bush, his father or Reagan - there is war."

    Gallagher, in Germany for an Oasis tour, said he felt sorry for Tony Blair: "Whoever is the British prime minister is tied to America. It's been that way since the Second World War, and even Tony Blair can't change that.

    "Politics is like football for me. Labour is my team and even if you don't like a striker you don't give up supporting the whole team."

    He added: "Labour is the lesser of two evils. What else should we have? Anarchy? Someone has to be responsible.

    "We are a nation of moaning sissies, regardless of who governs. The British get on my nerves. They moan about the weather, about the French, about the Germans. They moan about cricket, football - they should just keep their mouths shut."

    Speaking about himself he said that if he ever did an autobiography it would be called Kettle, Cigarettes, Guitar, Television, as he didn't need anything else in order to live - no women, no drugs, and no band.

    source :

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      NME Feature: Oasis in Dublin

    This weeks NME:

    OASIS - Do they still matter? NME goes down the front at their Dublin show and rates them against classic British rock bands

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Noel to make guest appearance at "One Big No" Concert

    Stars, bands, comedians and film makers will all share the bill this Saturday, March 15 for an anti-war gig at London's Shepherds Bush Empire.

    Travis frontman Fran Healy, Faithless, Paul Weller, Garbage, Beth Orton, Evan Dando and Ian McCulloch will perform at 'One Big No', a one-off event organised by Emily Eavis, daughter of Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis.

    Ken Loach, Mark Thomas and George Galloway will speak at the event, while Elton John, David Gray, Yoko Ono and Badly Drawn Boy are among those sending video messages.

    Emily Eavis, who recently organised the 'Make Trade Fair' charity gig at London, said putting 'One Big No' together has been hard work. "It's not been swimming against the tide," she said, "it's been swimming against the tidal wave!"

    "Bands generally will speak out against (the war), but getting a performance is a very different thing. They want to keep a foot on the right side of America. It's been a real struggle."

    As well as the acts listed above, a number of special guests are promised for the 'One Big No' bill, which is likely to include Emily's mates Chris Martin and Noel Gallagher.

    Tickets for 'One Big No' are on sale now, priced at £20 and £30. Proceeds are going to the Stop The War coalition and CND.


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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Monday, March 10, 2003

      New Teeth and same old habits: Oasis in Hamburg

    Translation :

    (DPA Hamburg)
    They really showed up : To slightly skeptical applause the Brit Pop brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher stepped on stage with their band Oasis at the Color-Line Arena on Saturday .
    After all this was the third attempt at getting a concert going in Hamburg with many of the fan's tickets dating back to the beginning of September.But it turned out to be a rather short pleasure for the almost 6000 fans in the not to capacity filled Arena. After almost 90 mins including the encores the long awaited appearance came and went.

    His new teeth which Liam needed after the bar fight at the end of last year in Munich were almost never shown by the group's singer. The group's bully had a tough time flashing his grin.

    The scandalous blokes from the blue collar part of Manchester had just completed their solid gig with out any big highlights. Only during the old classics "What's the Story Morning Glory" and "Don't look back in anger" did great atmosphere rise in the arena. The "Scandal Rockers" otherwise did what they
    know best: look cool on stage and move as little as possible. The fans, who had paid up to 30 Euros per ticket were not disappointed after the short gig of their darlings. They are used to worse, in the previous city the Oasis concert had only lasted an hour.

    The five Rockers behaved quite well in Hamburg, no large damage was reported to us. That was a different story last December. The Brit Pop band provoked a bar fight in a Munich hotel bar where Liam had his 2 front teeth kicked in. After the fight in the luxury hotel 3 band members including Liam were arrested.

    Not only did he have to pay a six figure bail but he also needed new teeth. For this he wanted to return back to his native England and the Germany tour that had just started had to be interrupted. So now it continued in Hamburg, with new teeth and old habits. The biggest hit "Wonderwall" was, as so many times before, played back from a CD after the concerts ending.


    Hamburg (dpa) - Sie waren wirklich da: Unter leicht ungläubigem Jubel betraten die Brit-Pop-Brüder Liam und Noel Gallagher mit ihrer Band Oasis am Samstag die Bühne der Color-Line-Arena. Immerhin war es schon der dritte Anlauf für das Konzert in Hamburg, manche Karten der Fans datierten noch von Anfang September. Es war jedoch ein kurzes Vergnügen für die rund 6000 Zuschauer in der spärlich gefüllten Halle. Nach knapp 90 Minuten war inklusive aller Zugaben der langersehnte Auftritt schon wieder vorbei.

    Seine neuen Zähne, die nach einer Kneipenschlägerei Ende vergangenen Jahres in München nötig geworden waren, zeigte Sänger Liam aber nur ungern: Ein Grinsen konnte sich der Rüpel der Truppe nur selten abringen.

    Die skandalumwitterten Jungs aus den Arbeitervierteln Manchesters hatten zuvor ihr Programm souverän und ohne große Höhepunkte abgespult. Nur bei älteren Klassikern wie «What's the story morning glory» oder «Dont'look back in anger» kam in der zu großen Halle richtig Stimmung auf. Ansonsten taten die Skandal-Rocker das, was sie am besten können: cool auf der Bühne stehen und sich so wenig bewegen wie möglich. Die Fans, die bis zu 30 Euro für eine Karte hingelegt hatten, waren nach dem kurzen Auftritt ihrer Lieblinge nicht einmal enttäuscht. Sie sind schlimmeres gewohnt, beim vorigen Konzert in der Hansestadt hatte Oasis nur knapp eine Stunde gespielt.

    Ansonsten benahmen sich die für ihre Wutausbrüche gefürchteten fünf Rocker in Hamburg ganz manierlich, über größere Zerstörungen ist nichts bekannt geworden. Das sah im vergangen Dezember noch ganz anders aus: Die schlagfertigen Brit-Popper provozierten in einer Münchner Hotelbar so lange, bis sich einige Kontrahenten nicht mehr länger bitten ließen und Rockstar Liam zwei Schneidezähne ausschlugen. Nach einer wilden Schlägerei in dem Nobelhotel wurden drei Band-Mitglieder, unter anderem Liam, verhaftet.

    Der musste nicht nur eine sechsstellige Kaution zahlen, sondern brauchte auch neue Zähne. Die wollte er sich in der englischen Heimat machen lassen, so dass die gerade begonnene Deutschland-Tournee abgebrochen wurde. Jetzt ging es also in Hamburg weiter, mit neuem Biss und alten Gewohnheiten. Der größte Hit war nämlich wie so häufig erst nach der letzten Zugabe zu hören: «Wonderwall» kam nach Konzertende von der CD.

    source: Yahoo Nachrichten Deutschland

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Sunday, March 09, 2003

      '(What's the Story) Morning Glory?' new release!

    Oasis is releasing 'What's the Story Morning Glory' as a Super Audio CD (SACD).
    This new enhanced audio cd can be played on new generation CD players and
    some of the newer DVD players. It will be available March 11th on

    Meanwhile on their current tour of Ireland and Germany the band has made no changes
    to their set list for the concerts played in Dublin ( Night 1 and 2) and Hamburg.
    The crowd favorites 'Bring it on down' and 'Songbird' as well as 'Supersonic', 'Champagne Supernova', and ' Rock 'n' Roll Star' have made it back into the live lineup.

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Friday, March 07, 2003

      Interview : Noel speaks out about Life, Fights, Drugs and his brother Liam.

    Noel spoke to German newspaper " Die Welt."
    Following interview was translated for you by L4E.

    Die Welt: Is there more to it than just music for Oasis ?

    Noel: Absolutely. It's about the love for life. It's all about not excepting that life is just a dull everyday existence. Life is beautiful. I don't believe in reincarnation , life is to precious to have two of them. That's the whole bands attitude. When I reach 60 and life is slowly coming to an end I don't want to look back and say I didn't make
    anything out of my life ! I ' ve take every drug ever made. I made several great albums. I have bought several great albums. I have seen the highest highs and the lowest lows.

    What was your lowest low ?

    That's when the drugs take control of you. When you can't go shopping without being high. When you just look like shit. People who are on drugs look like shit.

    According to your own statements you have not touched any hard drugs in 5 years

    I don't do Cocaine any more. Drinking and smoking is ok. Just can't deal without that , damn it.

    Your second home is on Ibiza. Why a party island ?

    Why not? I love parties. There are rumors floating around that I live like a priest ! I just stopped Coke that's all. If you're on the stuff your up for 6 days straight drinking. Alcohol is what kills you in the end.

    You said that Liam would become Englands best Songwriter in five years. What will you be then ?

    I will live forever. I will have been so good that I don't need to write songs anymore.

    On your last tour you just got up and walked out on your band.

    So what. If it gets to hard to stay on the same stage with Liam I just say " I fucking go home". This time when I perform in front of crowds in Germany, France, Italy or Spain I will explain to them: I am very sorry that last time you came out to see us you had to watch a bunch of morons performing my songs. I apologize for that. But if Liam makes it hard for me to be here I'll have to take a vacation. It's very simple. Liam would do the same thing.

    Do you guys physically fight when he makes it hard for you?

    Each time he starts a problem he'll get one on the mouth. But at the moment we don't argue a lot. The last time was in Barcelona 2 years ago.

    Do you regard yourself a typical 'macho' guy?

    No, cause I am not insecure.

    Are most men insecure ?

    That is the reason they have to yell, drink , curse and why they have to cheat. They are insecure. There are hardly any real men left. There's only boys.

    Original article : DIE WELT , Katja Schwemmers

    Oasis-Chef Noel Gallagher über das Leben, Prügel, Drogen und seinen Bruder Liam

    DIE WELT: Geht es bei Oasis um mehr als Musik?

    Noel Gallagher: Unbedingt. Es geht um die Liebe zum Leben. Es geht darum, nicht zu akzeptieren, dass das Leben grauer Alltag ist, denn das ist es eben nicht. Das Leben ist wunderschön. Ich glaube nicht an Reinkarnation, weil das Leben so kostbar ist, dass es nicht zwei davon geben kann. Nach diesem Credo lebt jeder in unserer Band. Wenn ich 60 bin und es langsam mit mir zu Ende geht, will ich nicht sagen müssen: Ich habe überhaupt nichts aus meinem Leben gemacht! Ich habe jede nur denkbare Droge genommen. Ich habe einige großartige Platten gemacht. Ich habe einige großartige Platten gekauft. Ich war am tiefsten Punkt und am höchsten.

    DIE WELT: Was war der tiefste?

    Gallagher: Der ist dann, wenn die Drogen die Kontrolle über dich gewonnen haben. Wenn du nicht einkaufen gehen kannst, ohne high zu sein. Wenn du einfach beschissen aussiehst. Und Leute, die Drogen nehmen, sehen scheiße aus.

    DIE WELT: Nach eigenen Angaben rühren Sie seit fünf Jahren keine harten Drogen mehr an.

    Gallagher: Ich nehme kein Kokain mehr. Trinken und Rauchen ist o.k. Ohne das geht's doch nicht, verdammt noch mal.

    DIE WELT: Ibiza ist heute Ihr zweites Zuhause. Warum diese Party-Insel?

    Gallagher: Warum nicht? Ich mag Partys! Es wird ein Image von mir transportiert, als wäre ich ein Pries-ter! Dabei nehme ich nur kein Kokain mehr. Wenn du das Zeug nimmst, bleibst du wach und trinkst sechs Tage durch. Und der Alkohol ist das, was dich am Ende tötet.

    DIE WELT: Sie behaupten, Ihr Bruder Liam werde in fünf Jahren der beste Songwriter Großbritanniens sein. Was sind Sie denn dann?

    Gallagher: Zu dem Zeitpunkt bin ich längst unsterblich. Ich werde so gut gewesen sein, dass ich keine Songs mehr schreiben muss.

    DIE WELT: Auf der letzten Tournee haben Sie Ihre Band einfach im Stich gelassen.

    Gallagher: Na und? Wenn es wirklich schwierig für mich wird, auf derselben Bühne mit Liam zu stehen, sage ich: I fucking go home! Wenn ich diesmal in Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien oder Spanien auftrete, werde ich den Leuten erklären: Es tut mir verdammt Leid, dass ihr euch seinerzeit eine Horde von verdammten Hohlköpfen ansehen musstet, die meine Songs spielten. Ich entschuldige mich dafür. Aber wenn Liam es mir schwer macht, fahre ich eben in Urlaub. Das ist ganz einfach. Liam würde es umgekehrt genauso machen.

    DIE WELT: Prügeln Sie sich mit ihm, wenn er Ihnen Schwierigkeiten macht?

    Gallagher: Jedes Mal, wenn er mir Probleme macht, bekommt er eins aufs Maul. Aber momentan streiten wir nicht mehr viel. Das letzte Mal passierte es in Barcelona, das ist schon zwei Jahre her.

    DIE WELT: Halten Sie sich für typisch männlich?

    Gallagher: Nein, weil ich nicht unsicher bin.

    DIE WELT: Sind die meisten Männer unsicher?

    Gallagher: Das ist der Grund, warum sie schreien, trinken, fluchen und so verdammt untreu sind. Sie sind unsicher. Es gibt kaum echte Männer. Es gibt nur Jungs.

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Thursday, March 06, 2003

      Oasis rocks Dublin

    OASIS played the first date of their short European tour last night (March 5). The band opened the six-date jaunt at the DUBLIN POINT DEPOT, which sold out in two hours, and will play there again tonight.

    Were you there? Are you going tonight, or to Germany? If so, NME.COM wants to hear your stories.

    The band's date in Munich will be the first time the band has returned to the site of the well documented and now infamous street brawl, which led to Liam losing his front teeth, and the postponement of European tour dates.

    NME.COM wants to hear from you, on all aspects of the show if you are going to any of the dates on the tour. What did they play, what was said, was the crowd allowed to sing along, and how many teeth did Liam have at the end? You could see your comments and pictures in NME!

    Send all your comments and pictures to

    The remaining dates are:

    Dublin Point Depot (March 6)
    Hamburg Colorline Arena (8)
    Dusseldorf Philipshalle (9)
    Munich Zenith (11)
    Berlin Arena (12)

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Tuesday, March 04, 2003

      NME picks Stone Roses over Beatles, Oasis #13

    Manchester band The Stone Roses' debut album, recorded overnight to save on studio costs, has been named the greatest album of all time.

    Writers from NME decided that Roses' self titled album was greater than anything by The Beatles, Beach Boys or Smiths to top its list of the 100 best LPs.

    The upper reaches of the chart is largely dominated by acknowledged classics although retro guitar band The Strokes make it to number seven.

    Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, which topped the list in 1993, drops to three.

    And Revolver by The Beatles - the band's highest of only two entries - drops from two to five.

    Television's Marquee Moon had a massive rise, going up from 26 to fourth.

    The Stone Roses debut initially met a muted response, but word of mouth and relentless touring buoyed their sales.

    In its appraisal of the band NME says: "Perhaps their greatest achievement was to save British rock music.

    "The Stone Roses spoke to the lost generation of Eighties kids for whom the Nineties were dawning in a flash of blinding hope and possibility."

    Other Mancunian acts did well with The Smiths came in at eight with The Queen Is Dead. While Oasis are at 13 with Definitely Maybe, and Joy Division are at 14 with Closer.

    The top ten of the NME 100 greatest albums of all time are as follows:

    1. The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses.
    2. Pixies - Doolittle.
    3. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds.
    4. Television - Marquee Moon.
    5. The Beatles - Revolver.
    6. Love - Forever Changes.
    7. The Strokes - Is This It.
    8. The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead.
    9. The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico.
    10. The Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks

    source = SKY NEWS

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      No shows at Live Forever Premiere

    It may have been a film celebrating the glorious years of BRITPOP, but at last night's (March 3) premiere of 'LIVE FOREVER' in LONDON stars such as LIAMand NOEL GALLAGHER and DAMON ALBARN were thin on the ground.

    In fact fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the Oasis brothers at the UGC Haymarket were left to make do with bandmate Gem Archer, a pair of Liam and Noel lookalikes from the tribute band Wonderwall, Andy Bell, Pearl from Powder, The Libertines, actress Rachel Weisz and Darius Danesh.

    'Live Forever' ' depicts the explosion of Cool Britannia and features with outrageous banter from the Gallagher brothers, 3D from Massive Attack, Jarvis Cocker andDamon Albarn.

    From the Stone Roses' pivotal 1990 Spike Island gig, to the manufactured bands of today, the film encapsulates the mid-nineties, when homegrown talent flourished in all creative fields. From fashion to art to music, the film celebrates the best of the British.

    'Live Forever' is John Dower’s theatrical directorial debut and hits UK screens on March 21.

    source :

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Sunday, March 02, 2003

      Girls rule UK and US charts

    Christina Aguilera debuts at number one on the UK single chart today (March 2) with 'Beautiful.' as Songbird falls 10 spots to #27.

    Heathen Chemistry drops 3 slots to #33 as Norah Jones sees 'Come Away With Me' climb to the top of the album chart on the back of her multi-Grammy winning success, moving from 10 to one. She's expected to top the US charts this week too.

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Saturday, March 01, 2003

      What's the story 'Live Forever' ?

    Debatable past glories. A new film, Live Forever, documents the rise of Oasis, Blur and the heyday of Britpop. David Stubbs doesn't see much cause for celebration ...

    Oasis's Liam Gallagher at the height of Britpop, 1996

    There are many reasons to see Live Forever, the new documentary about the 1990s Britpop years. Mostly they involve Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn being funny, the former intentionally, the latter unintentionally.
    They also include Liam Gallagher reminiscing on his scallywag days when he used to steal lawnmowers from gardens and sell them on to interested parties, which prompts all sorts of questions we shan't go into here.

    However, it's also a reminder of the gormlessly patriotic hubris which swept the pop nation during those years, a Falklands-style dementia which made it unironically fashionable to flaunt the Union Jack at every opportunity. This was Britpop and all those who experienced that bizarre rush of blood to the head should not be looking back fondly on the episode but wincing with bowel-curdling shame.

    The thesis of Live Forever is that, following an early-90s period when music was in "the doldrums" (Radiohead, Suede, Massive Attack, My Bloody Valentine, rubbish like that), British pride was reasserted, Albion reawakened with the emergence of those Colchester cockney cocksparrers Blur and those mad for it mad bastards from Madchester, Oasis.

    Now music was great again (Sleeper, Menswear, No Way Sis). Key to this transformation was Kurt Cobain's suicide in 1994. This was not an entirely unfortunate event because it meant British music could emerge from the regime of transatlantic dominance over which the grungemeister unwittingly presided.

    With Cobain dead, American music went into decline. Now it was the Yanks' turn to look on with helpless passivity from the sidelines, like those superfluous CIA agents in James Bond films, as Britain strode to the fore and did its bit. Sadly, explains the film, the death of Princess Diana had an effect on Britpop - otherwise, the likes of Louise Wener would have gone on to become superstars.

    It's possible that the causes and effects of Britpop weren't quite as outlined by the makers of Live Forever. Britpop did, however, surge on a crest of superconfidence as, following the nadir of the 1992 ERM debacle, the UK economy picked up and suddenly Johnny Brit had a couple of quid in his pocket and a spring in his step. There was a new, lagerish, laddish lairiness in the air.

    Numerous things conflated - Loaded, Gazza, Chris Evans, Euro 96, Trainspotting. Keith Allen seemed to feature a lot, in a host of minor but noisy roles. Americans might have thought that their overwhelming dominance of the global market share gave them a certain edge but how wrong they were. When Michael Jackson came over for the Brit Awards, Jarvis Cocker usurped him, leaping onstage and flapping the bottom of his corduroy jacket at him. We showed them.

    Looking back, one's depressed at the retro-reactionary air of it all. It wasn't so far off the world conjured up by Mike Myers (a Liverpudlian by birth who, in the grand tradition of that town, got out as soon as he could) in the Austin Powers movies.

    It was as if we all wanted to be bit players in The Italian Job, a 1960s world not of peace, love and counter-culture but dollybirds and cheery chancers like Michael "The Dog's Bollocks" Caine. It was the world of the Kinks! The Moptops! Guitar bands with tunes the milkman could whistle! Memories of 1966 and Jules Rimet still gleaming! Blokes shouting "Oi!" Hardly any black people! (Sadly, in what purports to be a wide-ranging survey of 90s British culture, only two black faces feature in Live Forever - designer Ozwald Boateng and the kid from S Club Juniors.)

    Indeed, you could ascribe the entire success of Oasis to a collective subconscious desire to agree upon the one band "we" all gathered together and got hysterical about, the way "we" used to about the Beatles.

    Brit-pride was by no means confined to Damon Albarn ranting against the "Americanisation" that meant his local was stripped of its horse brasses. Each year, the presenters of BBC Breakfast News would smilingly abandon their neutrality and urge viewers to "keep your fingers crossed for Emma Thompson at the Oscars tomorrow night". To which my personal response was not to cross my fingers but form them into a V shape and flick vigorously and repeatedly at the screen.

    Tony Blair, meanwhile, played the Cool Britannia card. He sensed a mood for change among young people, an end to the Tory years of dismal public services, fat cats licking up all the cream and a government sycophantically following the American lead in wars in the Gulf.

    As a Melody Maker journo, I made some vaguely positive remarks about Blair prior to the 1997 election. I was immediately contacted by a Labour Party insider who noted my sympathy to the "leadership" and suggested a meet to take advantage of my presumably intimate Britpop contacts.

    These he sadly overestimated - anyway, my assistance was hardly required. Accepting a Brit award, Noel Gallagher dedicated it to the handful of individuals giving hope to young people in Britain. These included himself, the rest of the band, including Bonehead, naturally, manager Alan McGee and, finally, Tony Blair.

    Then there was Euro 96, mooted as a retro retread of the 1966 World Cup, with an England team under the aegis of chirpy 60s geezer El Tel in that blazing summer. The forces of Britcom and Britpop combined to galvanise the nation - Baddiel, Skinner, Ian Broudie. Thirty years of hurt about to be put right. Duly, we smote the Scots! Demolished the Dutch! Drew with the mighty Swiss! Such were the days.

    And today, one marvels at the quaintness of that over-sanguine era, its hip belief that we were on the cusp of showing the US a thing or two, of putting the "Great" back into Britain (strange conceit, that. France and Sweden's self esteem doesn't depend on calling themselves Fabulous France or Super Sweden).

    Sure enough, it all went arse-shaped. In Euro 96, the abiding memory of England's demise isn't Gareth Southgate's penalty miss but during Golden Goals, when a sluggish, lager-bloated Paul Gascoigne failed to connect with a cross which would have defeated Germany and put England in the final. Loser.

    Ginger goon Chris Evans, wankerish symbol of the mad-for-it era, went to America with a view to meeting and greeting his brother in iconoclasm, shock jock Howard Stern. When Evans burst in on him in his studio, Stern remarked, "Who the fuck is this guy?" Later, when Stern appeared on TFI Friday, he visibly destroyed Evans with a couple of caustic cracks about Evans' ex-wife. Tosser.

    Oasis and Blur laughingly attempted to "conquer" America but neither made Shea Stadium. Eventually, Blur did land a hit over there but was it with one of their jellied eels, mockney anthems? No. It was with Song 2, a craven slice of cod-Yankee grunge. Capitulators.

    It's doubtful the Americans even noticed how easily they repelled Cool Britannia's challenge, any more than they noticed that their "soccer" team equalled England in the 2002 World Cup - both reached the quarter finals. Whereas the English went into a month-long, St George-flagwaving paroxysm of deluded optimism, the Yanks were unaware a tournament was taking place.

    Today, Blair is nestled uncritically down the back of George Bush's trousers. Robbie Williams has to beg the American public to find it on their hearts to make him a superstar in order to recoup his absurdly generous EMI advance. Fat chance.

    The Billboard top 100 is nowadays a Brit-free zone. Eminem, J-Lo, Avril, the Strokes and Beyoncé trounce Will Young and the Sugababes, home and away. Cross our fingers all we like for Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renée Zellweger gets the awards and the lead in Bridget Jones.

    We don't rule. And that's good. Ruling doesn't become us. Rueful perspective and modesty do.

    · Live Forever opens in London on Friday (showing nationally from March 21)

    source = The Guardian

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