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    Wednesday, March 27, 2013

      Paul McCartney thinks Oasis’ claim of being next Beatles was a bad move

    Despite of all the successes that Oasis had with their front-men Liam and Noel Gallagher Sir Paul believes the band's repeated claims they wanted to be as big as the Beatles only meant that they would come up short. Macca adds that no one can replicate what his band did in the 1960s.

    Talking to Q magazine, he said: "I'm actually kind of honored (when bands copy us) - they could be copying anyone. Even when things happen like Oasis saying, 'We are the next Beatles.' But I also think, 'Listen, lads, you can't say that. And don't say that because it's probably the kiss of death!'

    See what else Macca had to say on Oasis in our Ezine

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Listen to new Beady Eye single on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show

    Beady Eye will play the first song from their forthcoming second album on April 15, it has been confirmed.

    A spokesperson for Liam Gallagher's band tells NME that the song will be played on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show on the Monday night after fans began speculating that the song would receive its premiere as soon as next week.

    Beady Eye have recorded their new album with producer and TV On The Radio member Dave Sitek. Discussing the band's new album earlier this year Gallagher said: "I hate the word 'experimenting', but we are definitely experimenting. In five words, it's 'majestic', 'imperial', 'out there' and, er, what was the other one? Oh yeah, 'heavy'." A new track was played at London club night This Feeling earlier this month when Beady Eye guitarist Andy Bell was DJing.

    Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Beady Eye will perform at this year's Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo and Osaka. The festival is headlined by Muse and Metallica and takes place between August 10-11. Linkin Park, MIA, The Smashing Pumkins, Fall Out Boy, Two Door Cinema Club and The Weeknd will also perform across the two day event.

    Beady Eye released their debut LP, 'Different Gear, Still Speeding', in February 2011. The album peaked at Number Three on the UK albums chart and spawned the Top 40 hit 'The Roller'.

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Tuesday, March 26, 2013

      Beady Eye location scouting for video shoot

     Posted on official Facebook Page
    Status Update
    Not so easy, but it looks like we may have sorted a great space for Liam Gallagher and his band Beady Eye though.... Hoping we can get a few stills for our "FB friends".

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Noel Gallagher: 'Performing with Damon Albarn was like John Lennon playing with Eric Clapton'

    Ex-Oasis man also confirms that he won't be curating Teenage Cancer Trust concerts in 2014.

    Noel Gallagher has described his performance with Damon Albarn as like "John Lennon playing with Eric Clapton".

    The pair performed 'Tender' together at the Teenage Cancer Trust gig run over the weekend at London's Royal Albert Hall with Graham Coxon and Paul Weller. You can watch the performance below. Speaking about the collaboration in this week's issue of NME, Gallagher said: "I think it's great for music fans. It's like when you hear about John Lennon playing with Eric Clapton or...well I don't know what the equivalent is. It won't change anybody's life but people could say they were there."

    Before the performance, the ex-Oasis man had joked that he wanted to play 'Tender' with Albarn because it was "easy" to play on guitar. He added: "I suggested that we do 'Tender' for various reasons. It's a fucking great song. It's a piece of piss to play on guitar. It's got four chords in it. And more importantly the crowd loves it."

    Gallagher, who curated the week long shows in Roger Daltrey's absence, also confirmed that The Who frontman will back to pick up the baton next year.

    Via L4E source:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Special Record Store Day Events at Berwick Street Announced

    Independent record stores across London's Berwick Street in Soho have announced plans for a series of special events for Record Store Day next month.

    As well as selling exclusive vinyl and CD releases, independent stores on the famous stretch, which was the scene of the 1995 Oasis album cover for '(What's The Story) Morning Glory' (pictured), will showcase a range of British music talent on April 20, from 12-7pm. These events will include a special appearance from a cult rock band and a punk/folk singer-songwriter as well as an eclectic mix of solo artists, bands and DJs across all genres from reggae to electronica.

    On the day, the market will feature a music history experience from The Museum of Soho, a vinyl fair and the official film of Record Store Day, Last Shop Standing, which charts the rise, fall and rebirth of the independent record shop will be screened on the day in a pop-up cinema space. Graham Jones, the author of the book that inspired the film will also make a special guest appearance for a Q&A and sign copies of the book and DVD.

    Berwick Street has been a destination for vinyl record collectors since the 1980s when it became known as 'The Golden Mile of Vinyl'. This corner of Soho is still home to central London’s largest concentration of thriving independent record shops including Reckless Records, Sister Ray and The Music and Video Exchange as well as Sounds of the Universe around the corner on Broadwick Street, Black Market Soho on D’Arblay Street and Phonica on Poland Street.

    Paul McCartney and David Bowie are among the artists who are putting out special releases as part of Record Store Day this year with The Black Keys, Pulp, and a split release from Garbage and Screaming Females among the highlights on the exhaustive list. Pulp will release a Soulwax remix of their new single 'After You' on 12" vinyl.

    Also included on the list are special releases from The xx, a Grizzly Bear remix by Brian Eno, James Blake, Disclosure, Mystery Jets, Peace, Frank Turner, Jimi Hendrix and Mystery Jets as well as new music from MGMT released on the 'Alien Days' cassette. Paul Weller has recorded two new songs, 'Flame Out' and 'The Old Original', to be released while a special mystery 7" will also be available. Visit to see the full list of special releases announced for Record Store Day.

    via L4e / source:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Monday, March 25, 2013

      Liam takes to twitter after Noel's Blur Collaboration

    Liam Gallagher has taken to Twitter to cast aspersions over brother Noel Gallagher appearing on stage with Blur's Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon at the weekend. The one-off performance took place on Saturday (March 23) at London's Royal Albert Hall, where the Noel Gallagher-curated Teenage Cancer Trust gigs have been taking place since last Tuesday. 

    In his tweet, posted today (March 25), Liam Gallagher says: "Don’t know what’s worse RKID sipping champagne with a war criminal or them backing vocals you’ve just done for BLUE!"

    It is unclear quite what Gallagher means by "sipping champagne with a war criminal," but it's likely he's referring to Noel attending a champagne reception at Number 10 with then-Prime Minister Tony Blair at the height of 'Cool Britannia' in 1997.

    Liam Gallagher is, at best, a sporadic Twitter user, recently posting about Justin Bieber ("Wow Yeah Justin Bieber Rules ! LG x") but mostly passing comment on his favourite topic: brother Noel and his "high flying smurfs".

    Beady Eye are set to release their second album this year, and Liam Gallagher has told NME to expect the record Oasis should have made after '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?'.

    He said: "I'm not saying it's better than 'Be Here Now' or it's going to be this or that - I love 'Be Here Now', I won't have a bad word said about it but when you're selling 20 million records, you've got people there going, 'Oh let's just chuck out that formula again'. So I'm a bit disappointed we didn't ever do it. But this fucking record: we've booted the door off the hinges and steamed right in there, into this other world."

    Via L4e / source

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Sunday, March 24, 2013

      Review:Noel Gallagher; Damon Albarn & Graham Coxon – Royal Albert Hall, London

    by Caroline Sullivan

    The cessation of hostilities, when it came, was almost poignant – well, for those who remembered the mid-90s feud between Blur and Oasis, which gave the era's two biggest British bands license to insult each other every week in the press. On Saturday, Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher buried the hatchet in the name of the Teenage Cancer Trust charity, whose annual week of concerts Gallagher is curating.

    They appeared together, along with the Blur guitarist Graham Coxon and Paul Weller (on drums, improbably), on Blur's Tender, separated only by a couple of microphone stands. If that didn't definitively prove hell had frozen over, a hearty backslap at the end did.

    Even if their Britpop rivalry was always a joke to all except Liam Gallagher, who believed it was real, there was a genuine "ahhh" factor to this pop rapprochement. Middle-aged now – it was Albarn's 45th birthday – and with Britpop a sepia memory, it was clear the two men had more common ground than differences. "Noel? Noel?" Albarn beckoned. Gallagher duly appeared from the wings and they set about Blur's most pensive song, two veterans strumming and harmonising as cameraphones flashed.

    In a musical sense, the shared moment was the only meeting point of a night that showed what different paths the pair have followed. As the night's main support act (the chore of opening was handed to the Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys, who sang frazzle-brained folk songs as the audience chattered) Albarn and Coxon played just three other songs, each of which reminded us that while some people still bang guitars, they have long since moved on. Their set was introduced by Gallagher, who said cryptically: "Sit down, open your mind". One wondered what he made of what followed.

    After an ambling cover of Kevin Ayers' May I, Albarn and Coxon were joined by Gallagher's old mate Weller, who was ecstatically screamed at, and the beat poet Michael Horovitz. The 77-year-old recited his Ballade of the Nocturnal Commune poem as Coxon honked a saxophone and the others played keyboards. Then there was a freeform composition written specially for tonight. Horovitz baaed like a sheep and spat words, only some of them decipherable: "War machine and bombs, teenage trust, old age trust, fruit juice!"

    Gallagher has always professed to despise this kind of art-freakery, and it would have been wonderful to see his face while it was going on. It took about 10 minutes for his band, Noel Gallagher's High-Flying Birds, to expunge the memory of Horovitz's mischief.

    Gallagher authored some stirring anthems in the early years, when he was driven by the compulsion to hear his music sung back at him by 50,000 people at a time, but now he merely pootles. The nine songs played from the High-Flying Birds' self-titled album were of a piece: Tesco-rock with the odd splash of psychedelic and blues window-dressing. Supersonic and Don't Look Back in Anger, nearly 20 years old, are magnificent anyway, but sounded particularly so in the company of Record Machine and If I Had a Gun, which use the four-square rock blueprint of the old songs but omit the crucial swagger.

    More pressingly, Gallagher-as-frontman is a work in progress, and tonight Liam was never missed more. Maybe it comes of being the sensible brother, but Noel is a man who gets his head down and gets on with it, intent on giving fans their £75 worth. It got the job done here, spurring the fans into making every song a terrace chant, but it made you wish he would reunite with his estranged sibling. But can hell freeze over a second time?

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Noel Gallagher and friends perform at the Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust

    Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn put two decades of Britpop animosity behind them tonight (March 23), when they performed together at London's Royal Albert Hall for a Teenage Cancer Trust gig.

    Former Oasis man Gallagher once famously claimed that he wished Blur's Albarn would "get AIDS and die", while Albarn had retorted: "I can't make up with Noel. Britpop would be over and heaven forbid that we'd ever admit we'd all grown up!" But the pair have been meeting up over the past few years, and were happy to pose together at the Brit Awards last month.

    And tonight the thawing of their relationship was complete, as Gallagher joined Albarn on stage for a performance of Blur's 'Tender' at around 8:30pm (GMT).

    Gallagher has curated this week's series of shows at the grand London venue, and it had long been rumoured that he was set to collaborate with his former rock rival. But tonight's joint performance still drew surprise from the audience at the sold-out show, as Albarn started saying "Noel? Noel?" during his scheduled performance with Blur bandmate Graham Coxon, Paul Weller and American author Michael Horowitz.

    Gallagher then emerged to cheers as he played guitar for a performance of Blur's 'Tender' with Albarn on guitar and vocals, Coxon on guitar and vocals and Weller on drums. The ex-Oasis man had joked to NME the night before that he wanted to play 'Tender' with Albarn because it was "easy" to play on guitar.

    The night is set to continue with a full set from Gallagher.

    Check the next issue of NME, out March 27 for an exclusive interview with Gallagher about the collaboration and pictures from the performance.

    Via L4E source:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Saturday, March 23, 2013

      Liam Gallagher and the Paparazzi

    Does Liam Gallagher have no right to go shopping in peace?

    Ex-Oasis man and Nicole Appleton pop out to the shops. Do we really need to know that, asks Nigel Horne

    I DO NOT carry a torch for Liam Gallagher, but do the tabloids help the cause of press freedom when they publish a set of photos like this?

    There is nothing salacious about the pictures. No telephoto lenses were necessary and no one is topless – it's too damned cold for that. But do a married couple not have the right to do what Liam and his wife Nicole Appleton are doing without being dogged by a paparazzo?

    The pictures show the former Oasis frontman and the former All Saints singer out shopping. The accompanying text states that they have "hit the town" for a "spend up". This suggests they were parading up and down Bond Street. Actually they are on their local high street in north London. He's a neighbour and I recognise the stores in the photos.

    The text accuses Liam of looking grumpy and suggests that Nicole, by linking arms with her hubby, is "dampening his hard man image somewhat". To which I'd say, you'd look grumpy, too, if you were trying to shop with a camera stuck in your face. And even a hard man needs to take his wife shopping on occasion.

    There are, of course, celebrities who get their agents to ring the press and tell them they'll be visiting this or that shop/nightclub/hotel if they'd like to get some exclusive snaps. But the people who do that sort of thing do not then embark without make-up, wearing Wellington boots, as Nicole did.

    If the photos had shown Gallagher wrestling with a street-trader, or driving dangerously (it was just up the road from where George Michael infamously drove his Range Rover into Happy Snaps), or stopping to give a poodle a good kicking, then that would be a fair cop.

    Granted, Liam and Nicole spent more time in Zadig & Voltaire than they did in the Oxfam shop, but basically this is a newspaper report that tells us only that famous people go to the shops, too. It is entirely inconsequential - and simply adds fuel to the public perception that newspapers have no respect for people's privacy.

    Without public opinion behind them, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg would not have had the clout to drive through their plans for what the Daily Mail calls a "chilling media crackdown".

    Fashion note: while she wore wellies, he was wearing red velvet slippers. Once a rock star, always a rock star. · 

    via L4e / source:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013

      Beady Eye to play French and Italian Festivals this summer

    Beady Eye will headline Pistoia Blues Festival in Italia on July 6th . Tickets on sale tomorrow via TicketOne.

    Beady Eye's participation at Solidays festival was also confirmed on their official festival facebook page. The festival takes place in France from June 28th through June 30th.

    via L4e

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Tuesday, March 19, 2013

      Noel Gallagher Unhappy with "Middle-Class" Bands

    Manchester rocker Noel Gallagher has hit out at some of the ‘middle-class’ bands that rejected his offer to appear at his Teenage Cancer Trust shows, which take place from tomorrow onwards.

    The ex-Oasis man has been drafted in to cover for The Who star Roger Daltrey to help curate this year’s Teenage Cancer Trust series, which features an incredible line-up of performers including Primal Scream, Kasabian, Rizzle Kicks, and Gallagher himself.

    But, despite securing a brilliant line-up, Gallagher is unhappy with the number of bands and acts - which he says were mostly ‘middle-class’ - who accepted an offer to perform to Gallagher’s face, only to later reject it.

    Speaking to Shortlist, Gallagher explained: “I'd talk to Ed Sheeran and Mumford And Sons thinking, 'I'll just do the fucking seven nights myself, what the fuck am I asking these people for?' and I got turned down a lot. Everybody says yes to your face. Everybody. And then the agent will call, and their management will call and then their PR will call and say, 'Ah, they're going to be in Australia at the time.' Really? Well they never said that to me.”

    He continued: “What's interesting is all the working class bands said yes straight off the bat, no fucking inkling of when it was. The middle class bands said yes and wriggled out of it. I dunno what that means, but it must mean something. It was an interesting summer. But I will say, if the people that blew me off but said they'll do it next year actually do it, it might be the greatest event since Woodstock.”

    As mentioned, Gallagher has still managed to put together a stellar line-up for the gigs - you can check it out below. If you need any tickets, simply follow this link:  Buy Tickets

    Teenage Cancer Trust UK and Ireland tour dates are as follows:

    Thursday March 19
    Ryan Adams
    plus special guest Beth Orton

    Wednesday 20
    An evening of comedy with Russell Brand, Noel Fielding and very special guests

    Thursday 21
    Primal Scream
    Plus special guests Echo And The Bunnymen

    Friday 22
    plus support from Dark Horses

    Saturday 23
    Noel Gallagher
    plus special guests including Damon Albarn & Graham Coxon
    plus Gruff Rhys

    Sunday 24
    Rizzle Kicks

    Monday 25
    Paul Weller
    plus special guests Palma Violets

    Via L4e / Source:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Wednesday, March 13, 2013

      Noel Gallagher on the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts and more

    Noel Gallagher’s Teenage Cancer Trust gigs start next week. He tells Hamish MacBain about booking Blur, Kasabian and Rizzle Kicks

    For a man who sang No1 single The Importance Of Being Idle, Noel Gallagher hasn’t half been busy recently. As a two-year tour to promote his solo album was finishing up, he got a call from Roger Daltrey. The Who icon realised he’d be on tour during the 2013 Teenage Cancer Trust shows, which he usually curates, and unable to be “on the bloody cellphone for eight hours a day” sorting stuff out.

    Fortunately Gallagher, who had guested with The Who at the first TCT show 12 years ago, returned with Oasis in 2002 and played some of his first ever solo shows in 2007, was the perfect replacement.

    And so the 45-year-old has spent his time gathering old friends, enemies-turned-friends and bands his daughter likes for a special run of shows, starting on Tuesday. And it sounds as though he’s had fun doing it…

    How has booking a week’s worth of gigs been for you? Stressful?

    Well, I did most of the work last year, because I was out at festivals, so I tapped most of the bands up then. But to go and knock on dressing room doors of some of the biggest bands in the world and ask if could they possibly [do it], would they be noble enough – it brought out a side I don’t like.

    What acts are we talking about?

    I’d talk to Ed Sheeran and Mumford & Sons thinking, “I’ll just f*cking do the seven nights myself; what the f*ck am I asking these people for?” And I got let down a lot. Everybody says yes to your face. Everybody. And then the agent will call, and their management will call and then their PR will call and say, “Ah, they’re going to be in Australia at the time.” Really? Well they never said that to me. What’s interesting is all the working-class bands said yes straight off the bat, no f*cking inkling of when it was. The middle-class bands said yes and wriggled out of it. I dunno what that means, but it must mean something. It was an interesting summer. But I will say, if the people that blew me off but said they’ll do it next year actually do it, it might be the greatest event since Woodstock.

    Who did you ask who isn’t doing it?

    Symbolically we wanted to get Jake Bugg, because he’s a teenager. And for a teenager to be helping teenagers would have been a massively symbolic moment, I think. But he can’t do it because he’s on tour. Metallica: they’re another band who have promised to do it next year for the last couple of years, but we’ll get them eventually.

    I know Lars: I call him from time to time and he texts me. He’s a f*cking dude. He’s a nutcase. I love him in Some Kind Of Monster and he’s just exactly like that, but he’s great. Of course, people always go “You and Lars? What the f*ck is all that about?” But I’m like, “Look man, he’s my f*cking mate, leave him alone.”

    Speaking of mates, you’ve got Paul Weller and Kasabian on. That must have been straightforward.

    I just called Serge and said “Look, I’m f*cking doing it, so you’re doing it.” They were first to confirm, actually. Paul had done it last year, but I thought it’s a bit rude not to ask him seeing as he’s my f*cking neighbour. And I thought to myself, a man who’s got twins, he needs to be out doing sh*t soon. So he’s got Palma Violets on, and I think he’s going to be coercing a few people [to get] up on stage with him. So it should be good.

    Do you like the much-hyped Palma Violets?

    Yeah, I do like them. I don’t dislike them, let’s put it that way. It’s all right listening to bands on iTunes or watching them on YouTube, but I can only make a decision when I see them live. But for next year, there’s a whole raft of new bands such as Temples or Tame Impala, who [won’t be able] to sell out the Albert Hall. So what we are going to try, in the week leading up to the Albert Hall [gigs], is take over a smaller venue, such as the 100 Club and let young bands do a week. Because I think if we bring it to a younger audience, it will be better for the charity in the long run.

    This year, though, you have, er, Rizzle Kicks and Labrinth on.

    Yes, and Rita Ora that night as well.

    Is that your daughter’s influence?

    Well, Damon [Albarn] had taken Rizzle Kicks on the African Express tour and he said, “They’re surprisingly good.” I don’t know anything about them or anything by them. But the promoters, because pop’s not my thing, they come in and say, “These bands are available.” And then I go to my daughter, “Out of these lot, who’s the best?” She’ll say “Rizzle Kicks” and then I’ll pick up the phone and say, “Rizzle Kicks.” That’s it, really.

    Were there any nights that were particularly difficult to arrange?

    The opening slot for Primal Scream was difficult, because the people that were available Primal Scream hate. Well, they pretty much f*cking hate everyone, and the people they like are either dead or unavailable. Someone came up with the bright idea of asking Echo And The Bunnymen and I was like, “No way are they going to do it.” But we asked Ian McCulloch and he said yes. And now, for me, that is the best night. Never mind me, Damon and Graham [Coxon].

    You sharing the bill with half of Blur is what people are talking about most, though. You must have known that would be the case when you booked it?

    The idea was to get tickets on sale before Christmas, when people aren’t skint. So we thought, “We need something that’s a proper jaw-dropping bill.” And then I thought, “Well, Blur have never done it, so I’ll ask them.” As luck would have it, I was on tour with Graham, so I asked him then. He said Blur had been put to bed for the time being, but he’d ask Damon. So I have Graham to thank for this. It was quite a moment when I got the call saying, “They’re definitely going to do it.” I wanted them to headline, with me going on [before them]. But I don’t think they were comfortable with that, so the night before the announcement we switched the billing. I don’t know what they’re going to do, actually. I was speaking to Damon at the Brits and he was a bit coy, but he said it’s going to be something “unique and special”. I just think it will be one of those nights where people can say they were there.

    How was your night together at the Brits? You shared a table, didn’t you?

    Yeah, we were both guests of War Child. We both got f*cking roaring drunk and told One Direction to f*ck off in unison, which was funny. It turns out that after 20 years of slagging each other off, we’re quite genial fellows. It’s incredible what age and fatherhood does to your head.

    You were first photographed together at the Brits last year. But pictures of the two of you together still cause a bit of a stir, don’t they?

    People go on about it, but when somebody comes over and says, “Can I take a picture?” I don’t particularly think of the consequences of it; I don’t really give a f*ck. We had people coming over to the table and going, “Ooh, fancy seeing you two together,” but I’m too old for all that now. We’ve gone through that; we’re out the other end of it. And you look round at the room of all the ‘bright lights’ of the British music industry and all the flavours of the month and the hot new sh*t of the moment, and you think, “We had something different.”

    There was use of the word ‘boring’ in the context of the Brits this year.

    I think the Brits has now reached a tipping point. Something needs to be done. It’s a sh*t thing for a middle-aged man to say – “Well, it’s not as good as it was in my day” – but, you know, I’m still switched on enough to think, “It was better.” The best album category in 1996 was The Verve, Oasis, Blur and Radiohead or something [it was actually Blur, Pulp, Radiohead and Paul Weller]. And you look at the best now. Paloma Faith? Do me a favour. Who’s f*cking decided she’s a star? Emeli Sande? That is f*cking music for grannies. I don’t get it. And then you have the other side of the coin: One Direction. Prancing up and down singing a Blondie song and getting an award for it. Nice lads though they might be, f*ck off. Which is exactly what we told them. It’s turning into the grand finale of The X Factor, which is exactly what Simon Cowell wants.

    And here’s another thing: I must have been asked to write songs for people about 20 times. “Hey man, we should write some songs together.” F*cking write your own songs. I spent 46 years busting my arse to get here, slaving over a line in a song for a month. So no, I won’t f*cking write a song with you, you little prick. F*ck off! It just annoys me.

    What about you, Damon and Graham, though? Might you do something together on the night you’re playing together?

    We talked about it. I spoke with Graham about it. I talked with Damon about it at the Brits, but to be frank we were plastered and I forgot what was said. I think it was a case of, “We’ll just work it out on the night.” I’m easy. I can see us all on stage at some point, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. There’s plenty of sh*t for people get their teeth into.

    You’ve played with most of the other acts at some stage. Will you be joining in on any of the other nights?

    Weller’s asked me to get up. Actually, I’ll rephrase that: Weller’s told me I’m getting up. To be honest, nearly everybody’s asked me to go on with them. Ryan Adams is mithering for me to get up. I’ve got to introduce every band, every night. And no doubt there’ll be a guitar knocking around, so you never know. And on my night, as well as Damon and Graham, there’s Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals, so hopefully there might be a bit of We Are The World at the end

    What about the comedy night with Russell Brand? What’s this about him playing an answerphone message you left him at his shows?

    That was after he brought the Olympics to a shocking close with his rendition of I Am The Walrus. “A junkie in a top hat, on a bus, murdering the Beatles – hmm.” The message went along those lines. But he’s been [playing it to the audience] on his world tour. His night is an improvised thing with Noel Fielding called ‘The Goth Detectives’. And me, Russell and Matt [Morgan, Brand’s writing partner] are doing a three-hour radio show on Xfm the Friday before it starts, which is just going to be music with me and Matt destroying Russell’s Hollywood persona in between.

    How is Russell? We had him on our cover recently, posing as Jesus…

    Yeah, all that’s becoming tedious now, isn’t it? Hare Krishna this, f*cking Jesus malarkey that. And all the yoga. He’s mithering me for all sorts of sh*t. I’m doing a TV show with him on Thursday night. He’s got an American TV show called Brand X – the ratings must be going through the floor, so they’ve asked me to do it live from London. But last time I saw him, he was looking good. He’s behaving like an Englishman in LA: in other words like a ludicrous buffoon.

    Finally, there’s your own set. Will you be doing any new songs?

    I might do one brand new one, and then I’m doing one or two solo ones I’ve never done before live. And a couple of Oasis tunes I’ve never done before. These nights at the Albert are special, so you’ve got to do something different. I did 11 gigs in London last year, all told, so I can’t do the same set again.

    And then are you done for this year?

    Yeah, I’m not doing anything for a while. It’s been nice rehearsing knowing there’s just one gig, rather than another year on the road. I’m not ready for that yet. It’ll probably be next year when I start doing sh*t again, I guess. To be perfectly honest, I’ve just ordered some beautiful garden furniture and I intend on sitting in it all summer.

    Visit for more information on gigs and tickets or to make a donation

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Noel Gallagher's glad that he's doing what he's doing

    Let’s get this out of the way early... Oasis aren’t reforming any time soon. And while we’re at it, Noel Gallagher’s suitably-named High Flying Birds isn’t even a band, let alone ‘the new Oasis’.

    “It’s not a band, it’s never been a band. It never will be a band,” says the Mancunian as bluntly as we’ve come to expect of one of rock’s straight talkers.

    “This is the name of my act. The guys who I am on stage with, most of them didn’t play on the record. “None of them play on the next record. We’re a band when we’re on stage.

    “Apart from the guitarist, the other three lads I’ve known for a long time, but it’s not a band. No, no.”

    It was just over three and a half years ago that chief songwriter Noel walked out on Britrock giants Oasis, claiming he couldn’t work with frontman and younger brother Liam any longer.

    Even now, there’s still speculation over a reunion, despite Liam and the other former Oasis band members forming their own band ‘Beady Eye’.

    Noel’s fairly clear about his thoughts on the idea of returning to the fold. He says: “I’d been in a band, which was more democratic than people make out, for 18 years. I had enough of that.

    “I miss that kind of camaraderie in the dressing room afterwards, drinking until five in the morning. But the band dynamic... I don’t miss that.

    “It’s like, the band thing you were in business class and this is first class now.

    “I get to do what I want at my own pace and I wouldn’t go back to business class for all the money in the world, because you’ve got to go back to making compromises and I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with doing that now.

    “I really miss playing all those great songs to stadiums. That’s not me saying I want to go back to doing it, it just makes me want to write more songs like that. I probably never will go back but I’ve got the memories of doing it. Some people never do it.”

    “I’m glad I did it (Oasis), but I’m also glad that I’m here doing what I’m doing now because this is different.

    “It’s not as big and exciting, because bands are always more exciting than solo artists. And it doesn’t generate that kind of tribal thing that Oasis had.

    “It’s like Oasis was a sports car, one of those supercars Jeremy Clarkson’s always driving, and this is a Bentley.

    “They’re great cars, but they’re different. I don’t live my life planning for what I’m going to be doing years from now. “That’s it. I don’t even think about it. Like I say, I wouldn’t go back to a band dynamic because it wouldn’t suit me.”

    Although he is planning to play Oasis songs as well as material from his solo debut ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ during the Live@Atlantis gig tomorrow night, the 45-year-old admits the break-up was tough to deal with.

    He’s not keen to re-open Oasis wounds - he’s gone on record as saying he regrets walking out the day the band were due to play one of their final tour shows in Paris. And he explains: “Every time I went to public things like awards, I didn’t stop to speak to journalists because all they were going to ask was ‘what are you up to?’

    “So I thought: ‘Just don’t say anything. Give Liam and Beady Eye the respect they deserve because all they’re going to try and get me to do is slag them off, so it’s best if I don’t say anything’.”

    That attitude might come as a surprise to some, especially those who may have followed the Gallaghers in their younger years, when they were both quick to talk in negative terms about their rivals - especially Blur - and other bands.

    “I’m not really that competitive with anybody to be honest, not any more,” says the ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ writer. “I was when I was younger, which is understandable. But once you’ve been to the top of the mountain... I’ve seen the view, I do things for me now.

    “I’m quite confident in what I can do. People are always going to be interested in what I do. It’s up to me to make it interesting for them. I don’t live to work.

    “Some artists, they’re forever in the studio. I do what I do once every two or three years; that’s when it suits me.

    “I work to live. I do this job so I can have a great life when I have time off. I’m not really one that has to be creating all the time.”

    Via L4E source:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Monday, March 11, 2013

      Andy Bell debuts new Beady Eye single at London club night

    Beady Eye guitarist Andy Bell debuted the band’s new single during a DJ set in London over the weekend, reports The Sun newspaper.

    Bell’s bandmate Liam Gallagher and the pair’s new bass player Jay Mehler were in attendance for the This Feeling club night at the Queen Of Hoxton in London, and according Sun showbiz editor Gordon Smart, the new track ‘raised the roof’ and is ‘promising big things’ from Beady Eye’s upcoming second album.

    The single is expected to receive its official premiere next month, and will showcase new material which has been recorded with producer Dave Sitek as Beady Eye look to move away from the largely uninspiring, middle-of-the-road rock which dominated their debut effort ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding‘.

    “Maybe it was too quick after Oasis,” Liam Gallagher has previously told NME of that first album. “But you can blame it on this, you can blame it on that, at the end of the day people just didn’t buy it, they didn’t get it, it didn’t connect, so back to the drawing board.”

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Sunday, March 10, 2013

      Noel Gallagher promises new set list for Teenage Cancer Trust gig

    Noel Gallagher is set to play a brand new song and a number of Oasis songs he's never played before at his Teenage Cancer Trust concert that takes place at the Royal Albert Hall later this month.

     Speaking to Sky Sports 'Fantasy Football Club' about playing new songs at the annual event he said. "I might do one new song, I'm going to be doing songs I have never done before, but that's not to say they are new songs. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do yet, I'm not doing the same thing as I done, I did eleven gigs in London last year so I cant really get away with the same set.

     He also spoke about collaborating with Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon at the event. The former Oasis man said "Damon and Graham are going on before me doing something, they told me what they are doing the other night but I cant remember what they said. But it's special though, unique".

     When asked about collaborating with the pair on stage he said "We spoke about it the other night at the Brits, but I cant remember what we decided we were going to do, cause Champagne was involved".

     via L4e / thnx scyho

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Thursday, March 07, 2013

      Jay Mehler leaves Kasabian to join Beady Eye

    As first reported on Live4ever's forum last week we now have confirmation from Kasabian that Jay Mehler will be joining Beady Eye after Jeff Woottons recent departure from the band. An official statement from Beady Eye concerning Jay's new role with the band has yet to follow.

    Kasabian posted following on their official facebook  page:

    "Jay is our bro we're all good and the last six years have been mega. He's moving on and will be incredible in Beady Eye. We thought posting an awesome video was the best way to let you guys know that he will be missed, but here it is in black and white too. Sergio x"

    via L4e

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Noel Gallagher - Don't Look Back in Anger at Comic Relief

    via L4e

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Wednesday, March 06, 2013

      Noel full of praise for David Bowie's new material

    Noel Gallagher has paid homage to David Bowie‘s single ‘Where Are We Now?‘, and has said the nature of Bowie’s comeback proves that ‘reunions are fucking shite’.
    “It’s great to hear his voice singing something new,” Gallagher tells NME.  “The more you hear ‘Where Are We Now?’ the better it gets. The video’s mad – like his fucking cat directed it.”

    Continuing, Gallagher claims the huge publicity and interest generated by Bowie’s sudden return to the music fold – announced last January without any prior warning – proves that a focus on the future and new material is the right way to go for musicians.

    Read full article in our Ezine

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Noel Gallagher to premiere new songs in Dubai

     photo: Live4ever

    Noel Gallagher is ready to debut ‘a couple of new songs’ during his performances in Dubai and London later this month, but has insisted the decision doesn’t mean a second solo album could arrive sooner than expected.

    Gallagher was speaking to Time Out Dubai ahead of his performance in the city on March 15th with Richard Ashcroft - a gig that will be followed soon after by an appearance at the Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust.

    “It’s mainly my High Flying Birds stuff, a couple of new songs, and some obscure Oasis b-sides,” Gallagher revealed on the likely make-up of his set.

    “I write all the time,” he continued. “I never sit down and think, ‘Today I’m going to write a new album’, I just write as a hobby, whenever I get ten minutes I’m always messing about on this guitar here and if a line for a song pops into my head I might write it down. There’s nothing, there’s no plans. I am really, really enjoying resting on my laurels at the minute. My laurels are very comfy.”

    Noel Gallagher has curated this year’s series of Teenage Cancer Trust concerts for one year only as Roger Daltrey continues his touring commitments with The Who.

    via Live4everezine

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

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