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    Today's Top Stories

    Thursday, November 28, 2013

      Liam Gallagher won't be designing clothes for women any time soon

    Liam Gallagher has been telling XFM that he won't be designing clothes for women any time soon.

    Speaking to the XFM Evening Show's Danielle Perry, the man behind the Pretty Green clothing range claimed he was steering clear of ladies' outfitting.

    "I'm enough trouble as it is, mate, than designing women's clothes," he said. "I wouldn't want to start putting shit out that doesn't suit you, or make your arse look big."

    Liam also revealed that 2014 would see Beady Eye continue to tour their second album, BE.

    "We've got a Christmas break as from Wednesday. We're kept in the dark about what's going on next year. Which is nice, I guess. We just want to do gigs, you know what I mean? We want to get out there playing. Play this album to people, cos we think it's cool."

    You can hear Beady Eye in session on XFM Presents with Ford SYNC tonight (28 November) from 7pm.

    Listen to the interview below:
    Via L4E: Source

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Tuesday, November 26, 2013

      Liam Gallagher favors vinyl over Spotify

    Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher has revealed he is not a supporter of Spotify.

    Gallagher discussed his opinions on streaming music over purchasing the physical product, admitting that he has always preferred listening to his favourite albums on vinyl, during a discussion prior to Beady Eye's XFM Presents with Ford SYNC session.

    Revealing that he has record players "coming out of my ears", Gallagher went on to add: "Listening to it on vinyl is always for me. I don't even know what Spotify is. The first vinyl I ever bought, it really changed my life, got me into music was the Stone Roses album. I remember I bought it in Mr Sifters in Burnage. And then I bought a Greggs pasty right after it. And a big bag of weed. I know exactly what I did that day."

    Earlier this month Beady Eye returned to the live stage for the first time since guitarist Gem Archer fractured his skull. The band, led by Liam Gallagher, performed the first night of their UK tour at the Olympia in Dublin, performing tracks from their 2013 album 'BE' as well as Oasis classics and material from the first Beady Eye album, 2011's 'Different Gear, Still Speeding'.

    Beady Eye released 'BE' in June of this year.

    via L4e / source:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013

      If you’ve seen Oasis, then good for you... If you didn’t, then that’s fucking tough shit

    Give up hope, Britpop fans: The chances of an Oasis reunion are absolutely nil, according to guitarist Noel Gallagher. No way, no how. Read on to see what happened when Rolling Stone  asked Noel – who left the band in 2009 after yet another quarrel with his brother Liam – about his plans for the upcoming 20th anniversary of Oasis' classic debut album.

    Definitely Maybe will be 20 years old next summer.

    That's correct!

    Do you think you’ll do anything to celebrate the anniversary?

    Well, there would be the inevitable reissues, I would’ve thought. But are you asking, are the band going to get onstage and have a blast through “Rock 'n' Roll Star” somewhere, like the Philippines or something?

    Well you could do it anywhere. 

    I think I’d rather not, though.

    Why not?

    I don’t know. We are split up. You’ve heard that, haven’t you? You must’ve heard.

    I did hear that, yeah.

    Yeah, so, ergo, band splits up, band is no more. There is no band. So, no, I won’t be getting involved, anyway. If there is a reunion, I won’t be in it.

    Are you getting tired of answering questions about this?

    No, I only answer about six a day, so it’s under control. I understand people will never stop asking until it happens. I know that that’s how it goes.

    Are you still proud of Definitely Maybe, when you look back?

    Of course. I’m proud of everything that we ever did. I mean, some songs are pretty shit, and there’s a couple of periods you’d rather forget, but I think on the whole… I think we made three great albums and four good ones, which is not bad out of eight. Kind of a 50 percent record. That’s pretty good, I think.

    But I’m cool with it. I don’t think there’s any unfinished business. I don’t think that we left anything unsaid, do you know what I mean? It’s like, if you’ve seen [Oasis], then good for you. If you didn’t, then that’s fucking tough shit. I’ve never seen the Beatles. So there you go.

    via L4e / source Simon Vozick-Levinson:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Monday, November 18, 2013

      New Autobiography tells Oasis' managers incredible Rock N Roll life

    Former Creation records boss Alan McGee is telling the true story of his incredible life with the publication of his autobiography, Creation Stories: Riots, Raves and Running a Label.

    He’s the man who signed Oasis and was responsible for one of the greatest music labels in rock ‘n’ roll history.

    And now former Creation records boss Alan McGee is telling the true story of his incredible life with the publication of his autobiography, Creation Stories: Riots, Raves and Running a Label.

    It’s a riveting, rollercoaster of a read documenting incredible highs as Oasis became the biggest band in the world and crushing lows as the Glaswegian’s life fell apart due to drink and drugs.

    However, it was Wales that would became his great redeemer and McGee’s sanctuary from the excesses of the music industry.

    Buying a house in Hay-on-Wye in 1997, initially as a holiday retreat, the music mogul moved to the Welsh countryside for good five years ago, desperate to escape London with his wife Kate and their daughter Charlie.

    “I think I was going past McCartneys the estate agents in Hay-on-Wye and I saw this gaff,” says McGee, recounting the story of how the border town first cast its spell.

    “Now I don’t know if it was a rock ‘n’ roll message being sent because of the name of the estate agent but I’d prefer to say it was all down to Led Zeppelin if I’m honest.

    “ I remember when I was 15 and Led Zepplein were walking over the hills in Wales and had these big houses. I thought to myself if I ever make it I want one of them.

    “No matter what happens, I’ll never move from here. There’s a ley line under us, Strata Florida, which runs straight through the house, all the way from Glastonbury to Aberystwyth Castle, with us in the middle.”

    Describing life in Powys as a spiritual rehab, McGee says he spent five years reading, watching films and bringing up his daughter, happily isolated from the rat race.

    The rest was recuperative in every sense because after five years he was ready to re-immerse himself in the music industry, but on his own terms.”

    The 53-year-old, who also launched the careers of Primal Scream, Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Super Furry Animals amongst others, announced his long-awaited return to the music industry this year with 359 Records – a joint collaboration with long-standing independent label Cherry Red, run from his Powys base.

    “The best thing I ever did was going away for five years. Where I live is completely spiritual. I can sit in my room, look at the Black Mountains, and I can just decide should I or should I not go and do this or go and do that?

    "I find in London that everything is like a bumrush every single time. It’s just too much."

    “We split to Wales because London is such a me-me-me culture,” he adds. “It got so boring.

    "You come down here and people are actually nice. You don’t usually meet people in London who are actually nice.

    "Everyone has got an agenda. Me and the missus were in London for too long. Plus my daughter was around six or seven and I thought ‘I really don’t want her to become Londonised’.

    “I think I’m averse to London,” he adds. “It eats your soul. It’s not people’s fault, it’s just there’s no spirituality in London.

    "There may be creativity, but there’s no spirituality. People are on the breadline, and they’re just used up as a resource.

    "People just end up using each other, you know, eating each other, it’s a kind of cannibalism. It freaks me out. All I ever want to do in London is get in and get out of it.

    “With the technology now, it means you can run everything from home. I’ve got the book out, I’ve got a record company, a publishing company and two films all coming out, and I’m running it from my bedroom in Wales.

    “The bottom line is, if I can do it on a Blackberry and a computer, anyone can do it – because I’m not that bright. You’ve got to have the confidence, but once you go after it and do it, then you realise you can do it.”

    The reborn music mogul has never been busier. In addition to his autobiography and 359 Music, his first film as producer, Kubricks, has secured a distribution deal and he will be making an appearance in the forthcoming music industry comedy Svengali, which stars Welsh actor Johnny Owen and Sherlock star Martin Freeman.

    McGee, who DJs regularly around the world, will be returning to one of his favourite Welsh haunts – the Mountain Ash Inn pub in Mountain Ash – next Saturday for another 359 Music night, after launching the label in Wales back in September.

    Being introduced to landlord Tony Rivers through mutual acquaintances, the former Creation Records man admits it’s a place he loves.

    “I just came and DJed one Sunday night and there were about 200 of them singing Oasis songs,” he laughs. “I had a blast so I kept coming back.

    “When we started the label I said we would come back here and do a 359 Music night, because I like it here. I don’t think this part of the world gets the publicity it deserves. I think too many people see it as a backwater and a forgotten part of Britain.

    “When we said we’re going to do the launch in Mountain Ash, people were saying to me ‘well where is it?’

    But I love it, it’s this little rock ‘n’ roll haven in the middle of the valleys with posters of The Smiths and Sex Pistols on the wall it’s unlike any pub you will ever see.”

    Creation Stories: Riots, Raves and Running a Label is out now, published by Sidgwick & Jackson.

    Read excerpts from Alan McGee's book:

    Super Furry Animals get tanked up

    Signed by Creation Records AnR Mark Bowen (from Wales) they were perhaps the last great Creation band. They came out of the Cardiff music scene, and their lead singer Gruff Rhys was really charismatic. Mark took me to see them in the Camden Falcon at the end of 1995, where they were supporting Pearl Lowe's terrible band Powder.

    The sound through the PA was that bad I thought Gruff Rhys was singing in Welsh. I told him afterwards it would help sales if he'd sing in English, and he said , 'I was!'

    My only real interference with them was insisting that The Man Don't Give A F**** come out as an A side, instead of a B side. It could have been written for me, you know there was no that wasn't going to be a single on my label!

    We had fun marketing the band. We were going to give them a full page in the NME, and they said, 'We don't want that, we want a tank. We want to deliver the single to Radio 1 in a tank.

    That kind of logic wouldn't have appealed to every label boss, but it seemed perfectly reasonable to me and I happily handed over the money. It probably got loads more press attention than an advert would have done, but that wasn't the thinking behind it. It just appealed to my sense of mischief. I wonder if my sense of mischief, whatever trouble it's got me into, has also led to some of my greatest successes.

    The Libertines go wild in Wales

    I had a great idea, I'd take Pete Doherty and Caral Barat to the house I'd bought in the Welsh countryside, get them away from the temptations of London and they'd write the next album in nice peaceful setting.

    I couldn't control it. Everything else, I've been able to control the scenarios. The Libertines were completely out of control.

    Everybody had warned me but I didn’t listen. One morning  Carl Barât smashed his head against a sink, after a row with Doherty. His eye was hanging out of his head. There was so much blood it was unbelievable. He managed to do £400-worth of damage to a big marble sink.

    Bill Clinton bunks up

    These days I don't travel nearly as much. I'm a family man, and I like the quiet of Wales. People comes to see us.

    Bill Clinton came to stay once. I was going to do a gig in New York in May 2001, and on AOL messenger Peter Florence, the director of Hay Festival, said, 'Hi Alan, what are you doing next weekend?'

    When I said I was in Amaerica, the next question was, 'Can Bill Clinton stay in your house?' I told (my wife) Kate, and she was very excited. 'What! Of course he can.'

    I didn't particularly want Bill Clinton to saty at my house. American presidents, I know what their game is. Clinton's no different to the others, he's just really eloquent. But if Kate wanted it, that's okay: Clinton could stay.

    The irony of all ironies was that Kate, who thought she was going to get to hang out with Clinton, wasn't even allowed to stay in her own house! She got kicked out and had to stay with Peter Florence's mum!

    That was the end of being a hotel for the literature festival.

    Courtney Love

    She's been to stay at my house in Wales. She's a keen horse rider.

    You can ride out of my place for miles into the countryside. She lost a £40,000 bracelet when she fell off her horse up there and asked me to send out a search party. There's no way we would have found it. For all I know, there's still a £40,000 bracelet up the hill.

    Plant and Page

    I've many of my heroes through becoming well known in music. I used to see Robert Plant wandering around. In 2005 he phoned me up and asked me to DJ his son's wedding.

    Well, you don't get more flattering offers than that, and I showed up at the wedding in Robert's place down the road. Jimmy Page had just got sober and was wandering around. Jimmy Page is a god to me.

    I remember putting Lola by The Kinks on as the first song and seeing Jimmy and Robert head to the dance floor and start dancing together, that was the absolute highlight of my DJing career!

    via L4e / source : WalesOnline

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Beady Eye release official video for "Soul Love"

    Directed by Charlie Lightening, Available on double A-side 7inch vinyl 

    via L4e / source: Beady Eye official

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Beady Eye's triumphant homecoming gig

    Review: Macnchester Academy

    In those heady days of 1994, Liam Gallagher probably never thought he’d end up back here climbing the ladder with his new outfit, Beady Eye.

    But although Oasis may be over, and the venues may be smaller, the cult of Liam lives on.

    The excitement of having the Burnage boy back in town, and on his own patch, is palpable, and  he delivers a masterclass in how to work a crowd.

    As he strides out on stage with his stereotypical swagger, hundreds of adoring fans crush to the front. The fact he just stands and stares only works them into more of a frenzy.

    But what will have pleased him most was the joyous reaction to the opening song of the night, Flick of the Finger, from their latest album BE.

    The psychedelic Soul Love and Second Bite of the Apple are similarly well-received, before the punchy Iz Rite and Shine a Light allow him to show off  his trademark snarl.

    This may be the Liam show, but the musicianship on display from the rest of the band, particularly guitarists Andy Bell and Gem Archer, is impressive and gives Liam a platform to shine.

    The night takes a nostalgic turn when former Oasis guitarist Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs appears on stage for an acoustic version of Live Forever.

    ‘Help us out if you know the words’ Liam says, and the crowd duly obliges.

    A full-throttle Cigarettes & Alcohol sparks  beer-throwing bedlam before more mellow sing-alongs to The Roller and Bring the Light.

    A surprise cover of The Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter wraps up a triumphant homecoming for Liam, before the sweaty masses pour out into the night

    via L4e / source: Manchester Evening News

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Sunday, November 17, 2013

      Beady Eye @ Academy, Manchester

    After an eventful summer to the say the very least, Beady Eye have been out on the road for a short run of tour dates in the UK and Ireland. On Friday (November 15th), the tour brought Liam Gallagher back home to Manchester for a gig at the city’s Academy venue. Our Gary Mather was down front to capture the action, click on the photo to view his gallery:

    Bonehead joined the band on stage for this Oasis classic

    via Live4ever Ezine

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Friday, November 15, 2013

      Robbie Williams versus Oasis: the feud that never ends

    Liam Gallagher and Robbie Williams

    "Would anybody like to see me fight Liam?" taunted Robbie Williams at 2000's Brits, back when Rudebox and an obsession with UFOs were both inconceivable prospects for the singer. While it never amounted to fisticuffs, this lairy threat has been repeated in different forms at regular intervals throughout the past 13 years of Williams's career, depleting slightly in its extremity as each album campaign gets churned out. This week, for example, the former Take That singer criticised Liam's relationship with wife Nicole Appleton, amid claims the Oasis singer had an affair.

    Their relationship hasn't always been so antsy, however. In 1995, when Williams walked out on his boyband, he bounded into Liam's rock'n'roll life with ease – because although he had once writhed around in jelly, he also had a rebellious side with a penchant for Adidas jackets, booze, birds and fags. He was briefly allowed to roam wild in the Britpop world, where he so desperately wanted to belong. And for a while, it was magical. Liam and Robbie played charity football together, spent a lost weekend causing trouble at Glastonbury, and even shared the same stage, with Williams swaggering and sneering circles around Liam like a bloated Bez.

    But the romance didn't last long, souring when big brother Noel put an end to their antics. Like a jealous child who wanted his toy back, Noel declared that Williams was a just a "fat dancer from Take That" – from which point Liam, it appeared, was not allowed to come out to play.

    Thankfully, Williams met with the warm, welcoming arms of Guy Chambers. But he would never forget. Here's a rundown of some of his best attacks on the Gallagher brothers.

    Robbie at the Brit Awards

    Choosing a very public sphere to air his grievances, Williams took to the stage to propose a challenge. "Would you pay to come and see it? Liam, a hundred grand of your money and a hundred grand of my money, we'll get in the ring, we'll have a fight and you can all watch it on TV," he said with the arrogance of someone who had not only just won an award, but was also making a threat to an opponent who wasn't actually in the country at the time. A few months later at the Q awards, Liam and Robbie came face to face. "This one's for Robbie," said Liam, holding his award. "He understands the letter Q."

    Robbie at Knebworth

    Following Oasis' triumph at Knebworth in 1996, Williams decided he'd knock them off the top spot, selling out three nights as opposed to their two. After confirming the live stint, Williams allegedly sent Noel a pair of tap dancing shoes with a message reading: "Dear Mr N Gallagher, you said two nights at Knebworth is history. Well, I guess three is just greedy. Yours, Rob. PS: Finding it difficult to find adequate support for my show. What are you doing on the 1st and 2nd? Oh, and the 3rd?"

    Robbie with Nicole

    No juvenile feud between two highly competitive heterosexual men would be right without a girl involved, would it? In the late 90s, Williams and Appleton got engaged. They split in 2000, and a year later she began dating Liam. In this 2010 clip, the former All Saints singer, joined by Melanie Blatt, attempts to interview Williams backstage at the Brits. The tension is nauseatingly palpable, as Williams holds her close and reminisces about the past, commenting, "I see you don't change your perfume". Shortly after the interview Liam collected an award on stage, but threw the microphone and the award into the audience, and reportedly pushed over a female staff member.

    Take That at Wembley

    With a newly pumped ego spurred on by the grand Take That reunion, Williams performed at London's Wembley Stadium and took the opportunity to gloat at beating Oasis' run at the venue. "Noel Gallagher, you can kiss my perfectly formed backside," he grinned to a sea of squealing fans. The dance at the end is unnecessary.

    Robbie on Beady Eye

    Earlier this year, Liam called Williams a "fat fucking idiot" during a rant about the singer. Williams responded with a calm and conceited dissection of Liam's career with Beady Eye. He told the Sun: "The production is really good. There are a couple of tunes that would have been fucking amazing if they had a chorus. Flick of the Finger, nearly a great tune. Start Anew, if that had a chorus – but there is no chorus

    via L4e / source:

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

      Rockstar Christmas Cards

    What better way to celebrate Xmas than with these #RockStarXmas cards featuring the feuding Gallagher brothers Liam and Noel. You can check all the Pello cards out here This year, 10% of all profits will be donated to a fantastic independent East London young people's charity, Step Forward.

    via L4e

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Thursday, November 14, 2013

      Win tickets to an exclusive Beady Eye session for XFM

    XFM Presents with Ford SYNC is all about bringing the world’s biggest bands and artists to small, intimate venues. Next up, Beady Eye.

    Following the break-up of Oasis in 2009, frontman Liam Gallagher hooked up with his former bandmates Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock. The current line-up features former Kasabian bassist Jay Mehler.

    Releasing their first track Bring The Light at the end of 2010, Beady Eye’s debut album, Different Gear, Still Speeding, was released in February 2011.

    After a hefty year of touring the world – including a benefit for the Japan Tsunami Appeal in London in April 2011 and an opening slot at Glastonbury 2012 – the band’s second album, BE, was released in June 2013.

    XFM Presents with Ford SYNC isn’t about playing huge stadiums, it’s about getting up close and personal.…and you can win tickets!

    Enter the competition and you could be seeing Beady Eye at the XFM Studios in London on Monday 25th Novermber 2013.

    Entries close at 23:59 on Thursday 21st November 2013.

    Click here for details...

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    Pretty Green - mens clothing from Liam Gallagher

    Sunday, November 10, 2013

      Liam Gallagher - Rock's last true anti hero...

    Liam Gallagher with his stage swagger shows Beady Eye to be an engaging live act... 

    With his expertly curled lip and pugilist swagger,Liam Gallagher might be rock’s last true anti-hero. In an age of eager-to-please banjo thumpers and sub-Coldplay emoters, the Beady Eye frontman stands grumpily apart, a performer whose apparent indifference to the crowd’s baying adoration is part of the charm. The louder the audience roars his name, the less he appears to care. Neither party, you suspect, would have it any other way.

    Scrambling free of the smoking wreckage of Oasis' 2009 break-up, Beady Eye - essentially the 90's Britpop institution minus songwriter Noel Gallagher - are agreeably cocksure while making music almost nobody can muster genuine enthusiasm for. The group’s steerage class commercial status is reflected in their current touring schedule.

    Twelve months ago Noel, from whom Liam and his bandmates remain heartily estranged, was casually headlining arenas. Beady Eye, in contrast, are stuck on the middle-rung purgatory of 2,000 capacity theaters. After so many decades bestriding the world’s enormodomes, to be able to look fans in the eye is surely a curious experience for Liam.

    Beady Eyes’ songs aren’t terrible. They just aren’t very Oasis.

    Recorded with cult producer David Sitek (TV On The Radio) and released last summer, their second album BE blended soulful nuance and moody psychedelia. However, up against Oasis’ legacy a collection of solid album tracks won’t suffice, no matter that the tunes are delivered in the younger Gallagher’s signature sandpaper mewl. That has been the public response, at least. Despite kind reviews BE didn’t hang about the charts terribly long and is presently languishing in some dark, cold space outside the top 100.

    If they have a future it is as an engaging live act rather than as a gilded hit machine. In front of a chanting, beer sloshing attendance their outlaw strut made for an endearing sight. Shouts of "Liamo Liamo" were ringing around before the five-piece even stepped out.

    The moment they did, the excitement surged towards One Direction levels of giddiness. The vast throaty shriek that went up as Gallagher stalked the stage, stoically mopping his brow with a towel, was a strange mix of terrace roar and romantic swoon.

    The essence of aging mod cool in their mirrorshades, rumpled parkas and leather trench-coats, Liam and his lieutenants (who seem to have had a competition to see who could cultivate the most impressive sideburns) opened with the Flick Of The Finger, a dapper marriage of Britrock and lulling Memphis horns. The experimental sensibility was elaborated on with the krautrock- inflected Second Bite of the Apple.

    Switching the emotional setting to closing-hours ennui, Soul Love was introspective and bleakly wistful, the sort of twitchy ballad Gallagher probably couldn’t have written before the reversals and difficulties of life post-Oasis.

    With an air of restlessness creeping in, Beady Eye bowed to expectations and bashed out Oasis’ Live Forever and Cigarettes and Alcohol (an encore tilt at The Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter completed the triptych of covers). Approaching the microphone in that iconic stoop, hands behind his back, Gallagher was undoubtedly a rock star among mortals. But it took a brace of 20-year-old Oasis smashes to really bring home the message.

    via L4e / source: Ed Power

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    Friday, November 08, 2013

      Beady Eye to play intimate session in front of 30 fans

    Liam Gallagher's band are going to play the Ford SYNC studios in Leicester Square, London in front of just 30 winners. The session takes place on November 25.

    Danielle Perry announced the news on The XFM Evening Show last night, with help from guitarist Gem Archer.

    "It will be stripped down but not too naked. It's acoustic guitars but it's all the keyboards and the sounds and a little bit of precussion but Liam's voice," he said of the performance.

    "That's kind of how we approached this album as well. We recorded with Liam singing with the band and if the vocal's a keeper - which nine times out of ten it was - then we just built around that

    "It's not just going to be me and Liam or Andy and Liam it's the band. You say intimate, and I think that's a great idea. There is something to be said for playing quiet."

    You'll be able to win tickets on The XFM Evening Show and on from Monday.

    Check out previous XFM Presents with Ford SYNC sessions>>

    Beady Eye played their first show back since guitarist Gem Archer fractured his skull in Dublin last night.

    via L4e / source: XFM

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      Beady Eye cover Stones classic 'Gimme Shelter'

    Beady Eye - Gimme Shelter, Rolling Stones Cover, Dublin - Olympia Theatre

    For a full photo gallery head on over to hotpress and check it out.

    via L4e

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    Thursday, November 07, 2013

      Gem Archer is match fit for Beady Eye tour

    Gem Archer has talked for the first time about the injuries which caused Beady Eye to cancel performances in Belgium, Japan and at V Festival this summer.

    Talking to NME ahead of the band's show at Dublin Olympia tonight (November 7), the first of their autumn Ireland and UK tour, a now-fully recovered Archer recounted how he slipped at home in August and fractured his skull, leading to a week in hospital.

    He said: "The odd thing is I can't remember falling, or much after it. It was pretty serious, shall we say, and there are a lot of people affected by it, but it seems we're through it. My wife, certainly, and the kids… It was something I wouldn't wish on anybody. I almost feel I missed it all, but they didn't – they went through it and it was horrible."

    He continued: "The second fall, two weeks after the first, I've since found out, isn't that uncommon for people who've fractured their skull. Once you've had that, there is the chance of falling again and breaking an arm and/or a leg. At least I didn't do both. It's one of those things. You could think yourself into a corner with these things, worrying, but I'm not one of those guys. I've never broken a bone in my body before this summer, and now I know what it feels like. I'd hate to repeat it. And when I speak to my mam and she's worried, I just have to say 'It could happen again but I'm still here'."

    Thankfully now Archer is recovered and says he's "match fit" ahead of the tour starting. He said: "I am fine. In some ways more than fine. There are slight things I see differently, which is always a bonus in life. The weird thing is when I have my guitar strapped on I feel better than ever and walk around without even thinking about what I'm doing. When I don't have it on…there are certain parts of the day when I should have my guitar on to help me. But I am definitely match fit for these gigs."

    "Whether I'm completely recovered, that's a different thing. For me, completely recovered would mean being able to run down the street faster than my son and I can't yet, but maybe those days are over anyway?"

    He also promised Beady Eye's setlist would be different from the band's shows earlier this year, saying: "We've rehearsed enough stuff to change it up. We'll see, I don't know what tonight's setlist is, we'll see how the soundcheck goes, but we do have a few permutations. Even just for the band's sake it's good to change things and put new songs in, and then there are a lot of people who have already seen us this year."

    Finally, he talked of Jon Brookes tribute concert organised by The Charlatans which took place at the Royal Albert Hall in October. On the night former Oasis guitartist Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs stepped in to replace Archer, who watched from the side of the stage.

    He said: "It wasn't frustrating, it was weird for everyone else but me, I think. I loved it, and there's no way I could've done it anyway. To see them step up, and Bonehead get up like that, was a bit of a moment."

    via L4e /

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      Pretty Green auction off signed Gibson Guitar

    via L4e

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    Monday, November 04, 2013

      Win tickets to see Beady Eye at the Eventim Apollo in London

    Beady Eye hit the road for a headline tour later this month, including a huge show at London Hammersmith Eventim Apollo. To celebrate the new trek, Stereoboard and Eventim UK are giving fans a chance to win a pair of tickets to the London show on Thursday November 21.

    Its been a tough few months for Beady Eye, guitarist Gem Archer fractured his skull back in August after falling down a flight of stairs, forcing the band to pull out of V Festival, as well as two other festivals - Lokerse Festival in Belgium and Tokyo’s Summer Sonic. It was previously feared that Archer would be out of action until 2014, however, having made speedy progress in his recovery, the band have confirmed he will be well enough for the tour.

    Back to full strength, firing on all cylinders, Beady Eye are raring to go. They begin their UK and Ireland tour on November 7 in Dublin, they hit the UK starting November 10 in Glasgow before visiting Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Portsmouth and London.

    Liam Gallagher and co released their second record ‘BE’ back in June.

    Beady Eye UK & Ireland Tour Dates are as follows, enter below to win tickets for the London show in our Gig of the Week with Eventim UK!

    Thu November 7th 2013 - DUBLIN Olympia Theatre
    Fri November 8th 2013 - DUBLIN Olympia Theatre
    Sun November 10th 2013 - GLASGOW Barrowland
    Mon November 11th 2013 - GLASGOW Barrowland
    Tue November 12th 2013 - LEEDS O2 Academy Leeds
    Wed November 13th 2013 - NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE O2 Academy Newcastle
    Fri November 15th 2013 - MANCHESTER Manchester Academy
    Sat November 16th 2013 - MANCHESTER Manchester Academy
    Mon November 18th 2013 - WOLVERHAMPTON Civic Hall
    Tue November 19th 2013 - PORTSMOUTH Portsmouth Guildhall
    Thu November 21st 2013 - LONDON Eventim Apollo

    Click here to open the form in a new window.

    via L4e / source:

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    Friday, November 01, 2013

      Andy Bell Interview - Beady Eye, Ride and more

    The Beady Eye guitarist reveals all about  the band's difficult summer and rumours of a possible reformation for Ride ahead of their Dublin gigs

    To say that it’s been a turbulent time for Beady Eye over the last few months is a bit of an understatement.

    While the world was busy focusing on the break up of Liam Gallagher’s marriage amid a love-child scandal, the band members were hoping that Gem Archer would survive.

    After falling down the stairs at home Archer then managed to break his leg just by standing on it.

    Just this week Archer was well enough to set foot back in the rehearsal studio, hopefully putting an end to Beady Eye’s bad times just before their two Dublin gigs at the Olympia on Thursday and Friday.

    And Andy Bell for one is glad to be back concentrating on the music.
    He said: “Yesterday was his first day and he is actually very heartwarming thing to see the guy playing his guitar again.

    “He’s really missed it and we have missed him playing and rehearsing. It’s briolliant to have him back, it has been a weird summer, you know?”

    “I have never had someone close to me to go through head trauma and  a broken leg too - you learn a lot because you are constantly asking questions and finding out the progress. You become like a  mini doctor or something.

    “Everything is great and he has grown a proper beard while he has been out of action. He looks cool.”

    Andy said that being in Oasis meant the Beady Eye band members have already been well prepared to expect the unexpected.
    He revealed: “Everything seemed to go mental for a while for Liam and Gem but we’re all pretty used to drama - the Oasis years gave us a bit of an immunity to drama in a way.

    “In the middle of one of those times you do tend to go into yourself and hunker down, get through it and come out the other side.

    “Gem had his accident on August 1 when we were all still on holiday.   We all scooted back from our holidays to London to see him as at that time it seemed pretty serious. I was really scared so I wanted to get straight down there.

    “Since then we have been day by day, week by week and then before we knew it two or three months had gone by. We started thinking about band things two or three weeks ago as we had dropped everything to concentrate on what’s really important.

    “But yesterday it felt like things were back to normal, everyone is on good form and doing great.

    “It’s a good time to be in the band.”

    Some of Andy’s fans might be a bit disappointed to hear that as the regular rumours of a Ride reunion have not yet proved fruitful.
    But he insists that some day he and Mark Gardener, Steve Queralt and Loz Tolbert will reform - not just now though.

    Andy said: “It’s not something I am planning to do in the next while because I like to do one thing at a time. That’s how I work as a person - I kind of do one thing and move onto the next when its done.”

    In fact, the Ride lads do go for the odd pint together as everything that happened way back when is water under the bridge.

    Andy said: “We are all pals - the argument that broke the band up, if you compare that to an Oasis scale it’s like  they had three of them a day! But that was a different time, a whole lifetime ago and all those disagreements are all patched up now.

    “They are all my oldest friends, me, Mark and Steve were all at school together. I met Mark when he was 12 or 13 in the playground when he was body-popping on a bit of lino. I was really small kid with glasses and a guitar.

    “And then the Smiths came out and then suddenly the speccy kid with the guitar became the cool guy. Mark wanted to learn guitar and I taught him and that’s how we became mates. And when you’re friends for that long you stay friends.”

    So does this apply to Noel Gallagher too then?

    Andy said: “It definitely applies to Noel - I’ve got a lot of affection for the guy, he is so talented and brilliant to be in a band with.

    “Anything that went down between me and Noel was never anything serious. His problem was with Liam and Liam’s problem was with him. I have seen Noel since and the two of us are cool. I am completely cool with him and hopefully he is cool with me.”

    Andy Bell recently married a Dublin girl and spends a lot of time here so as a special treat there are two Beady Eye aftershows going on in Dublin.
    Paul Gallagher and Andy’s brother-in-law Arveene will be the DJs for the nights - the Thursday will be at the Grand Social and the second is at an undisclosed venue which will be announced next week. And Andy reckons the band will be in attendance.

    He said: “I do a bit of DJing myself so you never know - I  love Dublin, I spend a lot of time there and from a band point of view we played the Olympia last time and we were really good gigs.

    “We’re looking forward to coming back.”

    via L4e / source:  Maeve Quigley

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