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    Thursday, September 08, 2011

      Interview: Digsy on Oasis and his New Band 'The Sums'

    Peter Digsy Deary was made immortal by Oasis's song "Digsy's Dinner" which he's admitted has been both a laugh and a bane but he was also the front man in the celebrated Brit Pop band Smaller that toured with Both Oasis and Weller and even featured Noel on their acclaimed single "Is". But now it's all about his band The Sums and their nearly released album "If Only" which is likely going to turn a few heads with its spiky rock'roll blasts of pop such as "Darken my Doorstep" - Digsy's voice sounds as good as ever...

    The new album.."If only"....its ready for release real soon isn't it...describe the album and its vibe..

    Its weird because most of the songs on this album are 5 yrs old, we never got the Masters back and because they kept them for ages they ended up getting lost, we've written another 2 albums worth of material since and that's already to be recorded and our bass player has had 2 kids since then, you know what I mean, so the bands changed a bit since then, its a piece of us from 5yrs ago, but there's still traces of Smaller and everything else we've done in there you know.

    Must have been frustrating having to go through that?

    When we were in Smaller we recorded and released our first album and then record a 2nd but it got shelved and the label went into liquidation, so I thought I'm not gonno let that happen again, its about a year of your life you put into that and just to see it get lashed on the shelf and not released and know one hears it is , so with this Chris our Bass player has got the Pro-Tools so we mixed it to the best of our abilities because we've had no money behind it but luckily enough our manager got us a national distribution deal that gets in the shops & i-Tunes which is great.
    Plus we'll have another album out early next year, definitely, I'm seeing it like a trilogy of work you know and this is the 1st and another 2 albums will follow, with "If Only" its a case of getting it boxed up and out as we've had it ages now and I'm made up that people are going to get to hear it now.

    So it must feel quite good to finally get the album out, yeah...?

    Yeah were real proud of this because we've done this between our selves, me and Chris Mullen, my writing partner and big Lee on guitar & Chris on Drums.
    When the record label we were on in Smaller went bust everyone just went there own way and it was me and Chris who plays bass left, my right hand man you'd say with Lee on guitar as well Iv'e got a decent little band behind me, plus I can shout at them when I want.

    What about live shows, what are the plans...?

    Where doing an album launch in Liverpool and I think were organizing a gig down in London because everyone thinks Im fkn dead down there ya a lot of people The Sums never existed because we never really played down there with just a gig here and there, were looking at a gig Manchester and maybe Leeds as well, try and put a little tour together.
    First though we have a gig in Liverpool on the 24th of September for the "Don't Buy The Sun" concert with Big Audio Dynamite and James Dean Bradfield and a whole lot of other bands at the Olympia which looks a great night.

    "Scared of Missing" out " & "Who Cares" sound great. Your voice is in fine form so do you enjoy it being a front man and who influences you?

    very much, really like Jeff Buckley and also like more experimental stuff like Beefheart, there's a tune on the album called "Darken My Door Step" and it reminds me off the Arctic Monkeys & were buzzin with it and people like it, you know that small town blues, local observational stuff, you know there's nothing better than singing about your neighbors and your kids and that.

    What do you think of Noel & Liam's new bands & material...?

    I think Beady Eye make good records and they sound great but I think Liam's voice was better in the old days,, he had a fkn great voice you know, when he 1st started.
    I think Noels voice has got better and the songwriting is great though I haven't heard much of the High Flying Bird stuff, he's got that Psychedelic-Jazz Space type album coming out hasn't he so looking forward to that.

    In the Definitely Maybe 10yr anniversary Doc you said " I hate that fuckn song" (Digsey's Dinner) but it's bought you many drinks. Does it get on your wick even though it still gets you drinks bought...?

    Oh yeah, I cant even remember doing that to be honest, I got to a bar in town to shoot it and I had to wait for about 4 hours so I'm asking what the fk am I meant to do waiting that long and they said "Free Bar", so that was it wasn't it and I got bladdered, and yeah it still gets me beers bought and it gets on my nerves sometimes because especially with the London press it was like "its Digsy, you know, Noels mate" and that's what I was known by to some of the press and that started to grate a bit you know, now we've changed the band name I'm hoping that people give us a fresh pair of ears and a new listen on this album.

    Erics is opening back up in Liverpool, what's the music scene like at the moment and do you see the club contributing to the future of Liverpool music...?

    I hope so yeah because they've shut down nearly all the music venues we had like that Lomax and the Pickett, to play the Cavern, which isn't the the Cavern anyway, you have to pay £35 pound to use the PA which is hard on the kids as there's no money about these days and they find it hard enough, so I hope it'll be nothing like that with the new venue.
    As for the local bands I don't get much of a chance to see them but I notice a lot seem to be going back to the Blues, slide guitars and curly heads, Sea Sick Steve or some thing like that

    And finally, I bet you get asked " When you coming back?" a lot round Liverpool - Are you expecting a good turn out for the launch...?

    Oh yeah, well a lot of them keep in touch on the computer, you know this Face Book, I haven't got a clue with it La... but my manger said "you better get on it" but a lot of people do seem to be excited about it and the album and that, cant wait.
    .......and the album launch at Zanzibar (Liverpool) your gonna get a sober Digsy because I've got a 24yr old daughter and I've just found out Im going to be a granddad next year, which is great but time is moving on and this is real important.
    Normally we'd all be twatted before the gig get on stage and I'd just normally shampoo it, but not for this, I want to do it properly and do it proper sober as I'm playing for a hour and 10 mins and I'm 50 this year so I've got to keep in trim.

    (Carl Stanley)

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