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    Thursday, June 16, 2011

      Liam Gallagher 'We 're the Second Best Band in the World"

    When you’ve shot your mouth off and claimed that your band is the best in the world, what do you say when that band dissolves and you form a new one?

    “We’re the second-best band in the world.”

    So says Liam Gallagher, singer from ’90s Britpop leaders Oasis and now leader of Beady Eye.

    After 18 years of quarrels while Oasis tried to make good on that boast — two Guinness World Records for their chart and sales success in the U.K. but only two No. 1’s in America (for the songs “Wonderwall” in 1995 and “Champagne Supernova” in ’96) — in 2009, Noel Gallagher, Liam’s brother and the band’s chief songwriter, stormed out after a backstage fight. The Gallagher brothers fought all the time, but two hours later Noel posted a statement online saying he’d quit the band and “simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.”

    Liam, though, intended to go on working, and so did the rest of the existing lineup of Oasis: Andy Bell (formerly with Ride), Gem Archer and Chris Sharrock. They initially said they’d continue as Oasis but later adopted the new name, Beady Eye.

    A new sound, too? Sort of. Beady Eye’s debut record, “Different Gear, Still Speeding,” released in February, is the same mash-up of Beatles, Stones, Kinks and some more Beatles. The difference is in its tone — lighter, breezier, sunnier, free from all that heavy expectation and Very Big Importance that so often weighed down Oasis records.

    “That was Noel. He’s very important, don’t you know?” Liam told the Sun-Times, and he chuckled. “I’m only half joking.”

    The Noel-free band, Beady Eye, is booked solid throughout Europe this summer, but they’re swinging through North America for only four shows this month, in Chicago, then Toronto, New York and Philadelphia. Before they played last weekend’s Isle of Wight Festival in southern England, Liam Gallagher and Archer talked to the Sun-Times about the new songs, making music without Noel and how life goes on.

    Question: You’re playing just four dates in North America this month. Why?

    Liam Gallagher: We’re just going to test the waters and see if you guys are up for it. No point in going over and slunking it if you’re not into it. Things are selling out. We’re going to get onstage and do what we do. Hopefully, that’s enough.

    Gem Archer: We’re a brand new band with a brand new set. We can’t book an 18-month tour yet.

    LG: We’ve done all that with Oasis. We’re not 20 years of age. We’re not desperate to crack it, you know?

    Q: So, how is what you’re doing that different from Oasis?

    LG: I don’t think we’re trying to be different than anything. We’re staying true to what we do. We’re making music we like. There’s no big gimmick around it.

    GA: We love melody, and we’re just giving something out. It’s not going to change people’s lives. It’s rock and roll, isn’t it?

    LG: We’re not trendy. I hope we’re not. Our style of music will always be played. It might remind people of the ’60s …

    GA: And ’70s.

    LG: … and, you know, we’re certainly not trying to reinvent the wheel. The wheel’s good.

    Q: You feel like that now, but did you feel like that when Noel left Oasis?

    GA: It’s funny, man. When the band split, we knew we weren’t finished with music, but we didn’t have a great master plan or an agenda or anything. We knew we wanted to keep going. We wanted to keep making music.

    Q: The debut album is so breezy and easygoing. Would it sound like that if it were an Oasis album?

    LG: If Noel hadn’t left, we’d probably be trying to do this with him — and not having any f---ing luck. But it’s not some new experiment. You can only go so far with a f---ing experiment before you go, “That’s not f---ing us anymore.” Anyone can record a tea bag being squeezed out of a monkey’s [behind], but it’s stupid. We like guitar, bass, drums and piano. It’s what we do.

    Q: You clearly still love the Beatles.

    LG: Everybody goes on about that, saying, “That’s all they do is that f---ing Beatles thing.” We all love Lennon and George. They’re the best band in the world. I’m not going to stop listening to my favorite band in the world just because some f---ing pervert doesn’t get it.

    GA: Take the song “Bring the Light.” It sounded a different way when we demoed it. Liam said, “It’s not quite there.” We tried bringing it back toward a Beatles thing, and then Liam wanted to go a little Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and we said, “Imagine if the [Sex] Pistols had a piano player.”

    Q: What’s missing from the formula without Noel?

    LG: He made a lovely cup of tea. [Laughs] No, I mean, Noel’s a great songwriter, but so’s Gem and Andy, and I’m getting there. Andy’s better than Noel on guitar. People have this f---ing bee in their bonnet because Noel’s not there. We’re not lacking anything. We’ve got great songwriters in the band. I’m not going to paint on big eyebrows to make people happy.

    GA: It doesn’t feel like a wonky table.

    Q: What was the backstage fight actually about?

    LG: You’d have to ask him. I might have had a couple of beers and things were coming to the surface, but that’s f---ing life. Noel wanted to be a solo star. I think he honestly had enough of Oasis and wasn’t getting his own way and wanted to do his own thing. He wanted to sing all his own songs and take all the glory. Let him go do it. The rest of us weren’t enjoying the creative process. … That’s sh--. If you’re not doing that, you might as well go work at McDonald’s. I’m sure he’ll be f---ing great, but there’s a lot f---ing more lacking in a Noel Gallagher gig, a lot more missing in his stuff than in ours.

    Q: So, you’re not going to his wedding [on June 18 to Sara MacDonald]?

    LG: No, I’m busy playing gigs in Chicago.

    GA: This schedule’s been in for a while.

    LG: He goes on about how he wasn’t invited to my wedding. No one was at my wedding but Nic’s [wife Nicole Appleton] mum and my mum. Get over it, mate. I’ve not been invited to his wedding. I’ll be in Chicago. I’ll come cry about it to Oprah. [Muttering in background] What’s this sh-- about Oprah retiring? She needs to stay on it. She needs the [vitamin] B12.

    Q: You’re already at work on a second record?

    LG: We’re definitely doing a second record when the tour ends. We’ll get it out next year. We like putting out songs in the summer. We’re not going to rush it, but we’re not going to [mess] about with it. The tunes we’ve got so far are absolutely big.

    GA: It’s really getting us off. We did this [first] record out of sheer adrenaline, rehearsed it like a brand new band. There was no concept behind it except, “See you at the end of the tune.” The next one will have a sense of ourselves, some breathing space.

    Q: So, if Oasis was the best band in the world, what’s Beady Eye?

    LG: We’re the second-best band in the world.

    GA: It’s not arrogance. I just don’t get why people would be in anything or a band if they don’t think it’s the best.

    LG: Oasis was the best band in the world till Beady Eye. We’ll take it over. Noel can’t do it by himself. It’s a lock for us.

    via L4e / (Chicago)

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