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    Saturday, May 02, 2009

      Liam Gallagher: We Have A Long Way To Go

    The singer denies the splitting rumors and talks about the essence of the band, and the future. Also, he gives details about his fanaticism for John Lennon and his legendary fights with his brother Noel. And talks about his composition method and rock through time. Oasis will play at River tomorrow.

    Over the phone, Liam Gallagher speaks his mind with short and assertive sentences, typical of someone who holds strong convictions. He has his reasons. His band, Oasis, has fifteen years of career in the slippery English scene, and the internal chemistry of the group -more than once questioned due to the public friction between the singer and his older brother, Noel- seems to have reached a balance of powers.

    Beyond this, their latest album Dig Out Your Soul marked the rebirth of the classic Oasis: a powerful and strong rock, tinged with psychedelic touches and ballads. Part of the varied stylistic nuance of Dig Out Your Soul is about the compositional role singer Liam acquired in recently.

    You have a distinctive voice as a singer. When do you feel you found your own voice as a composer?
    I think the first time I wrote songs that I felt comfortable with was in the days when we were recording Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. I had just met my new wife and I wrote Songbird, which ended in Heathen Chemistry. I liked that song. As for my role as a singer, I always felt comfortable with my voice, I feel that it's distinctive, especially when I sing my own songs. There are days when I notice it a bit battered, but, well, that's life.

    Surely part of the show in Argentina will be filled with "Dig Out Your Soul". What can you tell us about the album and especially about your contributions?
    I like the album, especially the sound. We recorded it at Abbey Road, so you can't make a shitty album in such a studio! As for my contribution in terms of songs, I am particularly happy with I'm Outta Time. I also like how Soldier on turned out. Ain't Got Nothin could have had longer lyrics, but we had to finish the melody because we had it around for a long time, so... In summary I am very happy with what we did.

    Do you have any specific method when you sat down to write a song?
    I usually start playing the guitar at home. Especially when I'm bored and there's nothing on TV. I admit I'm good with melodies, I always have a few floating around in my head. I know I'm good doing it, perhaps I'm best in the world on that, but I'm not very good with words. I can say everything I wanna say in the first verse and then I got stuck there. And I say to myself: "Now what?". But things are moving forward. I think the most important thing in my case is to be patient. Ultimately, if I can't do a song, I don't panic: I'm a singer first and foremost.

    One time you said you were tired of people who follow you and harass you, as if they couldn't do something important with their lives and they need an idol. Who's fault is it that people don't have their own light? The society, the media, the government?
    Themselves! They are to blame. There are sheep and shepherds. And we can not all be pastors. I don't mind people asking me for an autograph or a picture with them, is part of what I do. Maybe when I said that I was in a bad mood. So everything is well with my fans, I have time for them. Everyone needs guidance at some point in their lives. It happened to me when I saw the Stone Roses: they lit my mind. What you can't do is follow someone all the time.

    Many consider rock as music for young people, but several legends are still around in their sixties.
    Rock and roll doesn't have age, man. I tell you more. There are plenty of old rockers bands that will wipe any of these youngsters. And we are one of them! And also I don't consider myself old.

    When you look at the history of rock, there's always a moment of epiphany when you feel like they have "arrived", so to speak. It happened to The Beatles with the Royal Command Performance. When do you feel it has happened to Oasis, that moment when you say "we made it"?
    I don't think we made it yet. We have a long way to go. We haven't even scratched all the good we can be yet. We can still be a hundred times better than we are today.

    What is your favorite Oasis album?
    Probably Definitely Maybe, because it was the first album we did and everything was new to us, but I must say that I enjoyed making all of the albums and there's not a single Oasis song that I don't like.

    Your admiration for John Lennon is no secret. What do you think his legacy was as a musician and as a human being with social conscience?
    First of all I was impressed by his voice and his songs. I never met him in person, so I don't know how he really was, but all his fight for world peace seems cool. I have the feeling he was a good guy. Also, if you upset him, he would let you know. I think he was an honest guy.

    Do you think rock music and its lyrics can still affect the world in a positive way?
    I think music, in general, is powerful. Wether it's pop, rock, dance. But the world must want to change. Music can play its role, but I think that 90% of the whole world gives a fuck. And maybe 70% of people are never consulted about the things that have to do with their lives. There are a few morons who decide everything.

    Oasis has done Beatles covers, like "Helter Skelter," "I Am the Walrus" and "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away." If you ever decide to make an album of your favorite groups. Which artists and songs would be included?
    Across the Universe ... I love that song. Let me think. Any song by the Stone Roses, a great band. Any song by the Beatles, the Who, the Kinks. And I don't want to forget How Does It Feel, by Slade.

    The media have created an issue about your fights with your brother Noel. Beyond all that, you must be proud that the name Gallagher is associated with one of the greatest rock bands in history.
    Without a doubt. I have no problem with Noel. And if I had one, I would go and say it to him. What happens is that when he gets angry at me, he goes and encourages the press and that's what drives me crazy; it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I think the same thing happens to the fans of the band. So far I took it quietly, but everything has a limit. So, from now on, if he provokes me...

    You have a considerable legion of fans in Argentina. Any message for them before the show in River Plate?
    The message is simple. I love you and look forward to see you all. Get ready to go crazy!

    Translated by L4e member Eva/ source:

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